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Announcing the 2013 Truck Camper Gear Guide

The 2013 Truck Camper Gear Guide has more truck camper gear than you can shake a turnbuckle at.  Not to mention camper jacks, suspension enhancements, and much more.


When we’re showing a truck camper to a newbie, they almost always ask, “What connects the truck camper to the truck?”  We answer, “tie-downs, turnbuckles, and an electrical umbilical cord”.  Then we show them Truck Camper Magazine (or give them a business card) and point them towards the Newbie Corner, Buyers Guide, and Gear Guide.  It’s fun to see how excited they get when they realize there’s one place for all this information.

Like the Truck Camper Buyers Guide, we designed the Truck Camper Gear Guide to display the often essential truck camper gear products in an accessible and clear layout.  Newbie or expert, here’s your essential guide to truck camper accessories, jack systems, tie-downs and turnbuckle systems, towing systems, and storage bodies.

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