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Announcing the 2013 Truck Camper Buyers Guide

The Truck Camper Buyers Guide has been updated with 2013 truck camper models, current dry weights, floor plans, total wet weights, tank sizes, and specifications.  Check it out.


The original vision for the Truck Camper Buyers Guide was simple; to create one place where consumers could find current, accurate, and complete truck camper information.  To be completely honest, we wanted such a resource for ourselves and were tired of looking at dozens of differently formatted brochures and websites for truck camper information.  There had to be a better way.

We designed the Truck Camper Buyers Guide from the ground up to present the most important truck camper information in a simple and easy to use format.  We wanted the Buyers Guide to be as intuitive as possible, making comparison shopping not only possible, but fun.

Today, the Buyers Guide is the number one section in Truck Camper Magazine.  In 2012, the Truck Camper Buyers Guide has already surpassed 155,000 views and 60,000 unique visitors, and will end the year even higher.  But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

As I write this, Angela is taking another industry leader to task for some final details on their 2013 truck camper product line.  She is relentless, stopping at nothing until she finds out every last dry weight and MSRP.  She always gets her data.

Is your next truck camper ready to be discovered in the colorful electrons of the 2013 Truck Camper Buyers Guide?  There’s only one way to find out…

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