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Announcing the 2018 Buyers Guide and Gear Guide

The 2018 Truck Camper Buyers Guide and Gear Guide has been updated with current model information, specification changes, and new capacity information.  Your next truck camper or gear purchase is ready to be discovered.

2018 Buyers Guide Gear Guide Announcement



When we were first researching truck campers back in 2004, there was no such thing as a free online truck camper Buyers Guide or Gear Guide.  Printed truck camper brochures were available and the internet was fantastic for searching forums and manufacturer’s websites, but the quality of the information and its presentation was all over the map.

Truck camper dealers were few and far between.  The ones that were offering truck campers were naturally 100-percent focused on selling the brands they carried.  It was extremely difficult to get an overview of the truck camper marketplace and discover what was best for us.  For such a complex and big ticket purchase, this was an extremely frustrating situation.

When we launched Truck Camper Magazine three years later, one of the first priorities was to develop a current and accurate truck camper Buyers Guide and Gear Guide.  We wanted these resources for ourselves and knew fellow truck campers would equally appreciate their existence.

What we could not have known was that the Truck Camper Magazine Buyers Guide and Gear Guides would become two of our most popular sections.  Just in 2017, the Buyers Guide and Gear Guide had over 547,000 pageviews from over 415,000 unique visitors.  We knew there were folks out there that would appreciate these two sections, but wow!

The Buyers Guide and Gear Guide have been meticulously updated for 2018.  Every make, model, specification, and capacity has been checked and verified by the manufacturers.  Discontinued models and products have been deleted and new models and products added.  It’s time to check out the truck camper and gear marketplace of 2018.

If you’re currently researching truck campers, we strongly recommend reading the Newbie Corner, and trying the Camper Chooser to narrow down your choices.


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