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Alaskan Campers: New Ownership Announcement

TCM: Are there plans to possibly expand the Alaskan dealership base?  Or will Alaskan remain predominantly a direct manufacturer?

John: Dealers need product to sell and we’re already back ordered with our direct sales.  We have received inquiries from prospective dealers, but we can’t yet supply them with product.  That will change, but we’re not actively pursuing dealers at this time.

TCM: Where do you see Alaskan Campers in five years?

John: We are 100-percent focused on improving efficiency and capacity.  Alaskan Campers is not a company that’s going to see huge changes to the design or materials.  The product has proved itself for 60 years, and doesn’t need to be changed.  We just need to make them more efficiently while maintaining and even improving quality.

I would eventually like to see a dealer network, and production so that people are not waiting many months for a camper.  Part of that effort will be getting away from 100-percent custom products.  For efficiency and quality more of the build process needs to be standardized, as does our option list.

In five years, I would like to see one Alaskan Camper a day emerge from our facility.  I think that’s a very attainable goal.

TCM: Thank you for the inside look at where you’re taking Alaskan Campers.  Is there anything else you would like folks to know about Alaskan Campers in 2017?

John: Alaskan has been here 60 years and we’re going to be here another 60 years.  As long as pickup trucks are being built, we’ll be building campers.  For the money, Alaskan Campers are the best there is out there.

For more information on the Alaskan Camper, visit their website at  To request a brochure, click here.


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