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AirWalken Announces Practice Camper and Loading Buddy

Steve: Better than me.  It’s honestly annoying.  With the Loading Buddy she learned where to look during the loading process and gained confidence to load and unload our real truck camper.  Now all I do is stand back and she loads the camper.  She won’t let me do it anymore.  It’s her thing now.

TCM: I bet a lot of truck camping newbies would be excited to try the Loading Buddy before attempting to load a real truck camper.

Steve: I agree.  The problem is that most dealers have forgotten how anxious newbies can be about loading and unloading.  They load and unload campers everyday, so it becomes second nature.

Having recently gone through the loading learning experience as a newbie myself, I believe people would drive many hours to try the Loading Buddy at a dealership.  I would have.

TCM: 12 years ago, when we were total newbies, we would have been very interested, too.  What a great product to have at every truck camper dealership.  Are you moving forward with both the Practice Camper and the Loading Buddy?

Steve: Well, yes and no.  Both products are designed and ready for production, but we’re waiting for truck camper dealers to place orders before building a run.  All AirWalken inflatable products are built to order, and the Practice Camper and Loading Buddy will be no different.

Furthermore, the inflatable industry is really hopping right now and we are backlogged with orders for moon bounces and castles.  As such, we’re only going to do one run of the Practice Camper and Loading Buddy.  Unless demand is strong, this will be an extremely limited opportunity.

TCM: And what will the Practice Camper and Loading Buddy cost?

Steve: The Practice Camper will be $795.  With two additional blowers and inflatable sections, the Loading Buddy will be $1,495.

TCM: What’s the deadline for the limited run?

Steve: April 1st, 2017.  April Fools Day!


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