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Adventurer Manufacturing Puts Eagle Cap On Hold After 2022 Model Year

Adventurer Manufacturing has announced an indefinite pause for its Eagle Cap line-up, commencing with the completion of all 2022 model year production.

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Warranty and servicing for all actively registered units will continue to be fully supported, with uninterrupted coordination between Adventurer Manufacturing and its network of North American dealers.

Adventurer Manufacturing attributes this change to streamlining manufacturing to meet the demand for Adventurer and Scout products.

“This hiatus will allow us to continue innovating, and prepare for future opportunities,” stated David Epp, CEO of Adventurer Manufacturing.  “We have big plans, and we’re dedicated to building the best campers and leading the way in sustainable and uncomplicated camping experiences.”

“Over the past 10-years, Eagle Cap has evolved to become a highly sought-after product, leading the way in the high-end camper market,” stated Jessica Eklund, Sales Operations Supervisor for Adventurer Manufacturing.  “We know many of our customers have grown to love Eagle Cap, and we are thankful for all the support from our community.”

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