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2019 Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL Exterior

TCM: At first blush, the Rugged Mountain 11RL looks like a contemporary truck camper on the outside, and a modern tiny home on the inside. Is that the concept you envisioned?

Jesse: Yes, it is. With our unique front nose cap and styling, the exterior of our truck campers was already attractive and competitive.

With the Granite 11RL, we are distinguishing our campers from the rest of the industry with a modern tiny house interior. There are truck camper manufacturers offering a European aesthetic, but no one is doing a truly modern residential look and feel.

The Granite 11RL brings the bright and fresh look of a residential tiny house to the truck camper marketplace.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL Wide Interior Back To Front

TCM: The floor plan of the 11RL looks very familiar to us. For the record, where did you get this floor plan from?

Jesse: When Truck Camper Magazine visited our factory last October, we were inspired by the floor plan of your project camper. Before we saw your camper, we had decided not to make a non-slide camper. But once we walked through your unit, my mindset about non-slide campers completely changed.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11rl Rear Panoramic

Your non-slide camper had a wide open, user friendly layout with lots of light. The straight kitchen and full-booth dinette are in the rear and surrounded by windows on all three walls.

The windows bring in lots of light and give occupants a stunning 180-degree panoramic outside view. Although the living area feels nearly as spacious as a slide-out model, it has more storage and usable space than a slide-out design.

Rather than copy the design, we adapted the layout into our own floor plan. The driver and passenger side is reversed for improved plumbing. We also added basement storage to fit larger tanks.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL Kitchen Stainless

We created our own molded fiberglass shower pan for the large dry bath. The kitchen counter is now completely straight creating even more hallway space. Cabinetry storage was optimized in the style of our tiny houses. We wanted to keep a big fishing drawer in the basement that we are known for here. That is on the passenger’s side.

A big change I made was the window design. We changed window sizes and placement a number of times. I wanted the windows as big as possible. I also didn’t want propane discharge too close to the windows. To comply with RVIA code, the back of unit can’t have opening windows.

Granite RL Dry Bath

The kitchen and bathroom countertops are Staron, which is a solid surface material similar to Corian. We installed regular cabinet doors and long drawer slides. The drawers pull out all the way to the other side of the kitchen. I want owners to be able to access everything in the drawer when it’s pulled out.

We put tile up, but I didn’t like the color, so we changed it until I did. It’s very important in such a small space to get the coloring right.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL Dry Bath

In the dry bath, quality storage is a must. I wanted overhead cabinetry and under sink cabinetry.

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