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2016 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey

Every two years, Truck Camper Magazine conducts a detailed survey on truck camper preferences.  Take the survey and help determine the future of truck camper design.

ultimate truck camper survey 2016

If you already own a truck camper, we have some very bad news.

Your truck camper was incinerated this morning by a falling telecommunications satellite.

I know this comes as a terrible shock, but your insurance company has already arranged to compensate you for the camper loss.  In fact, you have enough insurance money to buy any truck camper you want.

Thank you falling telecommunications satellite!

Now it’s time to choose your ultimate truck camper by taking the 2016 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey.  Your participation will literally help to shape the future of truck camper manufacturing.

There are actually two surveys; a hard side truck camper survey, and a pop-up truck camper survey.  Please take the survey that represents the truck camper type you prefer, or take both if you’re interested in pop-up and hard side truck campers.

*The survey is now closed for this year.*

Thank you for taking the 2016 Ultimate Truck Camper Survey!


Gordon White, Publisher
Truck Camper Magazine

p.s. Let this be an important life lesson: Never park your camper where a falling telecommunications satellite might land.

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