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2014 TCM Reader Survey Results

Truck Camper Magazine readers share their demographics, preferred content, favorite magazines, TV shows, and websites, and what they like, and what they would change about TCM.  Here we go.


It is our firm belief that an organization that fails to listen to the communities it serves will eventually become irrelevant.  It is also in our entrepreneurial DNA to continuously push to make Truck Camper Magazine better, both for our passionate readership, and for the predominantly made in America industry we report on.

For these reasons and many more, we survey our readers once a year and scour the resulting data for emerging trends, content opportunities, and any area of the magazine we need to strengthen or improve.  Previous surveys have resulted in new sections being launched and fresh content initiatives.  In many ways, today’s Truck Camper Magazine is the product of what readers asked for in surveys past.

Once again, thank you for reading Truck Camper Magazine.  We will study your feedback and work to improve TCM throughout 2014.  We truly appreciate your support!

The Results

The following percentages were calculated by dividing the responses for each question by the total number of survey responses.  A small number of surveys were not completely filled out so the percentages will not always add up to 100 percent.

1. What is your gender?

Male – 88.17%

Female – 11.83%

2. What is your age?

29 years old or younger – 0.52%

30 – 39 years old – 2.58%

40 – 49 years old – 11.10%

50 – 59 years old – 29.78%

60 – 69 years old – 43.12%

70 – 79 years old – 12.05%

80 years old or older – 0.86%

3. Are you a Truck Camper Magazine free email alert subscriber?

Yes – 88.92%

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