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2013 TCM Reader Survey: The Results Are In

A record 949 readers completed the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine survey on everything from age and gender to favorite websites, magazines, and TV shows.  Here are the results.


While still a relatively small percentage of our overall readership completed our annual reader survey, we are thrilled that 949 TCM readers participated this year.  That’s up a whopping 77% from last year and gives us even more confidence that this data is an accurate reflection of our readership and the community we serve.

We take your feedback very seriously and are reviewing the survey results to find opportunities to make TCM even better.  Thank you for your support!

The Results

The following percentages were calculated by dividing the responses for each question by the total number of survey responses. A small number of surveys were not completely filled out so the percentages will not always add up to 100 percent.

1. What is your gender?

Male – 88.9%

Female – 11.1%

2. What is your age?

29 years old or younger – 1.2%

30 – 39 years old – 3.6%

40 – 49 years old – 12.7%

50 – 59 years old – 32.6%

60 – 69 years old – 38.6%

70 – 79 years old – 10.0%

80 years old or older – 1.3%

3. How do you find out about new articles in Truck Camper Magazine?  Please check all that apply.

I am a TCM Email Alert subscriber – 76.9%

I check the website regularly – 32.1%

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