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2013 TCM Reader Survey: The Results Are In

A record 949 readers completed the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine survey on everything from age and gender to favorite websites, magazines, and TV shows.  Here are the results.


While still a relatively small percentage of our overall readership completed our annual reader survey, we are thrilled that 949 TCM readers participated this year.  That’s up a whopping 77% from last year and gives us even more confidence that this data is an accurate reflection of our readership and the community we serve.

We take your feedback very seriously and are reviewing the survey results to find opportunities to make TCM even better.  Thank you for your support!

The Results

The following percentages were calculated by dividing the responses for each question by the total number of survey responses. A small number of surveys were not completely filled out so the percentages will not always add up to 100 percent.

1. What is your gender?

Male – 88.9%

Female – 11.1%

2. What is your age?

29 years old or younger – 1.2%

30 – 39 years old – 3.6%

40 – 49 years old – 12.7%

50 – 59 years old – 32.6%

60 – 69 years old – 38.6%

70 – 79 years old – 10.0%

80 years old or older – 1.3%

3. How do you find out about new articles in Truck Camper Magazine?  Please check all that apply.

I am a TCM Email Alert subscriber – 76.9%

I check the website regularly – 32.1%

I am a TCM Facebook fan – 14.7%

Other – 2.8%

I follow the TCM Twitter feed – 0.7%

4. Do you currently own a truck camper?

Yes – 76.6%

No – 23.4%

5. How likely are you to purchase a truck camper in 2013?

Definitely going to make a purchase – 6.3%

Likely going to make a purchase – 16.9%

Not likely going to make a purchase – 76.8%

6. How likely are you to purchase truck camper gear in 2013? Truck camper gear includes turnbuckles, tie-downs, suspension enhancement equipment, camper jacks, aluminum storage beds, and towing systems.

Definitely going to make a purchase – 24.5%

Likely going to make a purchase – 35.7%

Not likely to make a purchase – 39.8%

7. Have you ever referred Truck Camper Magazine to a friend or relative?

Yes – many times – 26.9%

Yes – a few times – 49.5%

No – 23.6%

8. Which types of Truck Camper Magazine content do you find most interesting?  Please check all that apply.

Truck Camper Reviews – 82.1%

New Gear Announcements – 72.2%

Lifestyle Stories and Interviews – 69.2%

Photo Gallery – 68.9%

Ask the Expert and Truck Camper 101 Articles – 67.0%

New Camper Announcements – 64.7%

Truck Camper Gear Guide – 58.1%

Off-Road and Expedition Stories – 57.7%

Truck Camper Buyers Guide – 51.5%

Factory Tour Stories – 43.8%

RV Shows and Rallies Listings – 39.4%

Reader Email and Feedback – 38.3%

Newbie Corner Section – 37.9%

TCM Calendar Contest – 34.6%

HD Videos – 34.0%

Industry Leader Interviews – 29.4%

Dealer Inventory Section and Updates – 22.1%

Manufacturer Press Rooms – 21.0%

TCM Stars Catching Up Series – 18.3%

RVIA Louisville Show Coverage – 17.8%

9. Which of the following reasons are the most important to you when choosing a truck camper over another form of RV.  Please check all that apply.

Ability to go anywhere a pickup truck can go – 92.5%

Superior maneuverability of a truck camper – 78.8%

Boondocking / dry camping where you want for free – 75.6%

The ability to tow a boat, trailer, horses, ATVs, toys, etc. – 63.0%

Possible Use as Family Emergency Vehicle – 52.9%

Saving on registration and insurance – 44.9%

Saving on maintenance – 39.7%

Saving on fuel – 38.3%

Saving on storage – 27.4%

Saving on depreciation – 18.8%

10. What do you tow, or plan to tow, with your truck camping rig?   Please check all that apply.

A boat – 37.9%

Utility trailer – 31.6%

None – I do not tow – 29.2%

Off-road vehicles / ATVs – 22.6%

Automobile – Car, Jeep, or SUV – 18.2%

Motorcycle – 15.6%

Snowmobiles / snow machines – 4.4%

Other watercraft / jet skis – 5.3%

Horse trailer – 5.0%

11. What actions have you taken as a result of something you saw on Truck Camper Magazine?  Please check all that apply.

Visited a sponsor’s website – 78.8%

Contacted a sponsor by email – 46.6%

Visited a sponsor’s dealership – 42.8%

Visited a sponsor at a RV show – 29.4%

Contacted a sponsor by phone – 26.9%

Visited a sponsor’s factory – 11.0%

Contacted a sponsor by regular mail – 5.8%

12. What print magazines do you subscribe to? RV related and non-RV related please.

Below are the top 20 print magazines, listed alphabetically, read by TCM readers.

Consumer Reports
Diesel Power
Field and Stream
Guns and Ammo
Men’s Health
Motorhome Magazine
National Geographic
Outdoor Life
Overland Journal
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Road and Track
Scientific American
Smithsonian Magazine
Trailer Life
Truck Trend

In addition to the above magazines, readers listed magazines in the following categories: aviation, sailing, motorcycles, bicycling, automotive, quilting, climbing, computers, gardening, boating, Jeeps, off-loading, astronomy, fishing, birding, wildlife, outdoors, photography, genealogy, running, pets, history, and horses.

13. What television shows and networks do you watch?

Below are the top 20 television shows and networks, listed alphabetically, watched by TCM readers.

60 Minutes
American Pickers
Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
Discovery Channel
Food Network
Gold Rush
History Channel
National Geographic Channel
Outdoor Channel
SPEED Network
Weather Channel

In addition to the above television shows and networks, many readers listed various cable news networks and shows.  We had a small number of readers report that they do not watch television.

14. What websites do you most frequent?

Below are the top 20 websites, listed alphabetically, visited by TCM readers.

In addition to the above, many truck camper manufacturer websites, truck camper dealer websites, news websites, banking websites, and financial websites were listed.

15. What social media do you use?  Please check all that apply.

Facebook – 73.6%

YouTube – 55.2%

Google Plus+ – 17.2%

Linked In – 14.2%

Twitter – 8.0%

Pinterest – 7.0%

MySpace – 0.3%


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