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Newbie Adventure in an Adventurer

While we were there, we bought the national park passport books.  There, I was committing to myself to travel more.  This is just one of so many places in our own country that we would like to visit.  Now, we’re a part of something; a group of people who can truly appreciate nature.

Tom: My favorite trail was the Grant Tree trail with all those huge, huge trees.  That trail had the most intimidating Sequoias in that area.  There was also open ground, so you could stand fifty feet back and enjoy them.  If anyone could see one trail in Kings Canyon, I would say to do that one because it was awesome.  You can’t describe the Sequoias in words or show them through photos.

Driving into Kings Canyon

 adv-kingscanyon4.jpg adv-kingscanyon6.jpg kingscanyon2.jpg

Heidi: We really loved Kings Canyon!  It was really beautiful.  After an hour-long drive and a drastic change in elevation, we finally got down into the canyon with the river and the waterfalls.  I was like, this is our country, really?  The accessibility to these things, was really awesome.

908 miles, 8 days, 37 truck campers later

 adv-sequoia-1.jpg adv-napa-valley-1.jpg adv-coast-1.jpg

Heidi: The whole trip had so much variety.  We went to the vineyards, the city, saw the coast, the ocean, drove the Sierra Nevadas, and went into a canyon.

Our truck camper was incredibly comfortable.  During the trip it felt like we were in a mini apartment.  We had everything that we needed.  In the camper we liked how quickly the water heated up, loved the air conditioner, being able to watch the movie, Labyrinth on the television.  We slept great in the camper.  It was actually better than at home.  Showering was also surprisingly easy.  I remember I was concerned it was going to be tight.  We also thought we would run out of water more than we did.  The space was also impressive.  It’s amazing how much stuff we had in that camper for all of us.  The refrigerator was never ending.   Even after we went grocery shopping, we could fit it all.

By the end of the trip, we learned how to use the truck camper.  I remember that first day when I tried to wash my hands no water came out.  I asked Angela and realized that I didn’t flip the switch for the pump.  By the end of the week, I instantly knew how to use things and what to do before we started driving.  We made sure everything was turned off, that the cabinets were shut, the antenna was down.  It all became natural.   People don’t have to feel intimidated.  It’s real easy to adapt to a truck camper.

Tom: We learned that due to limited storage you may only have a small number of pots, pans, and dishes so as you dirty the dishes you have to wash them.  This was especially true with four people sharing dishes.   We also learned how to dump the grey and black tanks and that you need to pay attention to the availability of diesel stations.  There wasn’t a diesel station down Route 1 from Monteray to Cambria.  Now we know.  I noticed how not being parked on level ground makes a difference.  When we weren’t level we had to be cautious of things falling out of the cabinets as you opened them.   The toilet seat also hit us in the back a few times.  Those are things we noticed.

Heidi: There was one night on the coast that we forgot to turn off the water pump.  We were laying there and heard a noise.  Instantly, I jumped up and knew what it was.  I turned it off and got back into bed.  I realized I was getting to know the camper because I was able to identify the sound so quickly.  Really, there was no system in the camper that was difficult.

 adv-tc-planning.jpg adv-tc-tomdumpingtanks.jpg adv-tc-tomoncamper.jpg

Tom: Another thing that I like about a truck camper is that you can use a pick-up truck when you want to, put a RV in the back, and go camping.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Right now, we have the tent and the gear to go tent camping, but we felt more secure with the truck camper and thought we could be more adventurous.

Going truck camping, we were able to get to California and not worry about hotels.   That’s been the primary way we’ve traveled.  We would research the trip, book a hotel, and get a flight.  We realized by traveling this way that it’s not like there’s one place in each town.  We had options.  This is a much more freeing type of vacation.  No matter what other type of vacation you plan, there’s always a limit.  With the camper we could change our itinerary and have more spontaneity.

Heidi: Even though I’m now home, I notice and pay more attention to things like bridges, underpasses, and clearance signs.  I also look to see whether or not places have RV parking or fuel stations that offer diesel.  That’s kind of weird because we don’t need it.  We’re also pointing out truck campers as we drive down the road.  This trip has made us more aware in a good way.  When we got home, we did appreciate the ever present running water, electricity, and heat.  But, we also realize the load we have on the environment.

We left California wanting a truck camper.  In fact when we got home we went on your website and started looking more in depth at them.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing this again.  I can’t wait! I loved it!

Freedom is the word, because you have more choice and more flexibility, and the camper makes that happen.  I just wonder why we didn’t do this sooner.  This trip made me feel like the rest of the country is accessible.

You can talk all day about the incredible feeling of freedom a truck camper gives you when you travel, but one has to experience that freedom to truly understand it.  After the trip, it was this feeling of freedom that seemed to have the strongest effect on Tom and Heidi.  The experience of going where you want to go and camping where you want to camp.  The experience of being able to change plans on the fly.  The freedom of having everything you need with you all the time.  If you’re reading this as a newbie looking to get into truck camping, that’s what it’s all about.  That’s why people buy and own truck campers.  And maybe, just maybe, Tom and Heidi will join us as truck camper owners and continue their pursuit of new adventure and total freedom.

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