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Essential Truck Camping Advice

Personal Safety for Truck Campers: Part 1

14. An often overlooked item on RVs is the ladder.  Camper owners either attach an outside step ladder to their camper, or fails to secure the OEM ladder from unauthorized use.  Fold up your ladder and use a bicycle cable lock to secure it folded.  An easy point of interior access are the larger Heki skylights and vents.  For this reason, ladder access to the roof needs to be secured.

15. Don’t talk about or post pictures of your camper and trailer contents on social media or announce your destination or dates of being there.

16. Don’t announce on your camper your status or what you carry inside through decals and or signs in your windows.  The two worst violation of this suggestion; “Full-timing since 2009!”, “Canon Cameras”, or “Protected by Smith & Wesson”.  I ask you, if you were only to break into one RV at a trail head, which one would you break into?  The one with nothing on the outside, or the one that announces that they full-time or love Canon cameras?

17. Finally, remember to lock the lock on your camper door.

Click here for Personal Safety for Truck Campers – Part 2 where Bryan addresses the topic of carrying self-defense weapons and firearms while truck camping.

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