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James Epp – President of Fraserway RV and Adventurer LP

TCM: How is it going with Adventurer’s move to Yakima?

James: We have a strong new team at Adventurer in Yakima.  The timing of the move to the United States could not have been better.  With Western Rec and Chinook closing down in Yakima, we pulled a very strong management team together.  My job with Adventurer is to develop strong and healthy disciplines through this difficult time and position us well for the future.

TCM: Philanthropy is an important part of your personal and professional life.  What can you tell us about your efforts?

James: Corporately, I am involved in two levels. A number a years ago I challenged our staff to support children in third world countries.  We support children in the village of Lodwar, Kenya.  As a company, we match any contribution our employees make from $5 a month to $150.  It’s $37 a month to sponsor a child.  For every child an employee sponsors, they get two.  We presently have nearly 100 children sponsored by our employees.  I’ve traveled to Kenya and there’s a personal passion for what we’re doing that rivals my passions to run Adventurer and Fraserway RV.

We also have an Early Bird and Snowbird RV Show run by MTD Promotions, a division of Fraserway.  What we earn at the gate minus marketing expenses goes to various community and international charities.  It all comes back to my own personal faith that all people, from all walks of life, are created equal and need be respected.  Those who have, have the responsibility to help those who have not.  It’s a responsibility that I take seriously.

TCM: Is there anything that I didn’t ask you that you would like to add to your interview?

James: Even in these difficult times, I am looking forward to 2009.  The energy and experience of our new Adventurer management team is very exciting. I have really enjoyed the energy level of the Yakima team I work with.  They are a quality team of people who are really taking ownership and realizing that this is an opportunity for them to grow with a new company.  Adventurer is a company on the move.  I am excited about the future.

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