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Four Wheel, Six Pac, and One Man

TCM: How about Six-Pac?  You make hard-side campers, but they seem very different than other campers in the marketplace.

Tom: It’s apples and oranges.  Other companies make very nice products; they’re just different and have different markets and users.  Folks who buy Four Wheel or Six-Pac products want a more utilitarian and minimalist method of camping.  They specifically don’t want the other products because they’re too heavy or have things they don’t need.  They want something simple and light.  The fact that our campers are economical is a bonus.

TCM: So you feel you have a niche market all to yourself?

Tom: In a lot of ways we do.  Outfitter makes a similar and very good product, but it’s bigger and heavier and has more amenities than ours.  I met the owner of Outfitter at Ogallala last summer.  He was a great guy and really impressed me.

TCM: Is simplicity a key feature of your campers?

Tom: It’s really a gut feeling, either people like simplicity or they don’t.  People often come to us having looked at the other brands and tell us that they were offering more than what they were looking for.  Others come to us and say that our products don’t offer enough and go buy another brand of camper, which is great.  The goal is a well-built camper that the customer is happy with.

TCM: What would a fully loaded Six-Pac D850, your most expensive camper, cost?

Tom: $16,000.

TCM: What’s the average cost of a Six-Pac out the door?

Tom: They average around $14,000.

TCM: What’s the high and the average price for a Four Wheel Camper?

Tom: The high is $15,000 and the average is $12,500.

TCM: Which model of Four Wheel Camper is your best seller and why?

Tom: That’s easy.  Our biggest seller is short bed Hawk.

TCM: And for Six-Pac?

Tom: Definitely the D650.

TCM: Talk to us about your aluminum Flex-Frame and other build qualities.

Tom: Four Wheel Campers use an all aluminum frame construction to make the campers stronger and lighter weight.  There is no particleboard in the camper.  We use mahogany, oak, and poplar.  Our floors are marine quality Douglass Fur plywood.  We don’t cut any corners.  We use top quality components, which really makes a difference.  And our warranty is five years on the frame, five years on the canvas, and a year or better of everything else.

TCM: Anything unique about how Six-Pacs are built?

Tom: Six-Pacs are built with kiln dry Douglass Fur.  It’s lighter, stronger, and more expensive than other framing lumber.  We use mahogany and plywood.  We also use shear panel construction.

TCM: Why wood instead of aluminum?

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