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50 Years of Northstar Memories

To celebrate their upcoming 50th anniversary, we talked to Liz, Rory, and Rex Willett of Northstar Campers about their lifetime of truck camping memories.


About two weeks ago, Rex Willett, Vice President of Northstar Campers emailed us a couple dozen photographs from the 1960’s and 1970’s of his family truck camping when he was a kid.  When we called Rex to thank him for sending the photos, he started telling us story after story.  It didn’t take us long to break out our laptops and start writing them down.


Liz Willett with her children in front of a “new” camper in 1963


The Willetts in Bagley Wisconsin with the Bob Johnson family from Bel-Rock Trailer Sales


A 1963 Willett family camping trip at Lake Pepin in Minnesota


Chuck Willett with son, Rex and daughter, Jill


August 1969 – Chuck and Liz Willett with their children Rex, Rory, Ryan, and Jill


September 1970 – Liz Willett and her children with a boat in tow

After we talked to Rex, we called Rory Willett, President of Northstar, and talked to him about his childhood truck camping memories.  We laughed and sighed as Rex and Rory shared their personal memories about growing up in a truck camping family.

After Rex and Rory told us their stories, we asked their permission to talk to their mother, Liz Willett, about her memories.  That’s when we got the really fun stories.  It turns out that Rory and Rex were quite the adventurous children who got into their fare share of trouble and fun.  Who would have guessed?

We want to thank the Willett familiy for sharing their personal stories and for allowing us to share these stories with you.  In so many ways, these stories are what truck camping and Truck Camper Magazine are all about.


Chuck Willett and his sons, Rex and Rory, checking out a history plaque at a rest area


Rory and his mom, Liz Willett, listening to the radio


Rex, Rory, and Rik Willett probably trying to re-design a camper


Liz Willett setting her sons Rex and Rory straight at the campground


Chuck Willett and his son Ryan on a trip out West


Liz Willett and her daughter, Jacque, at the Oregon Coast

Liz Willett of Northstar Campers

When I look back at our truck camping days, we really had some good times with our kids.  My husband, Chuck, would just take a camper off the lot for our vacations.

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