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Texas Time Machine: Capri Camper Factory Tour

Reviewing Order Sheet At Capri

Capri truck campers are sold factory direct.  Before beginning a new Capri, the team reviews the customer order sheet.  Here we see Francisco Alonso and Zenobio Mata reading their next builds.

Capri Factory Build Sheet

The order sheet details the specific model and options for that camper.  For example, this camper is a Capri Retreat model, with an air conditioner, and Cypress interior wood paneling (just to name a few customer selected options).  Naturally, this is critical information to the build team.

Capri Factory Floor Router

After the framing is completed, the floor is the first part of a Capri Camper that is assembled.  After pulling a prepared floor frame, Francisco adds 5/8-inch plywood and routes it to shape.

Glue Floor Setting on Capri Camper

Then a layer of adhesive is added to the floor.  Francisco explained that the adhesive needs to set for about forty-five minutes before the wood grain linoleum flooring can be applied.

Capri Campers Paneling Options

While the floor adhesive sets, paneling is added to the interior sidewalls.

When placing their order, Capri Camper customers choose what interior wood paneling they want; Pecan, Ridge Pine, Split Birch, Weathered Cedar, Cypress, Natural Birch, Manhattan Walnut, or aromatic Cedar.  In the photo above you can see three of these options ready to be cut and installed.

Glue Paneling at Capri

The selected wood paneling is glued to the camper frame and then fastened with industrial staples.  That’s not Dr. Pepper, folks!

Routing A Capri Camper Sidewall

When the glue has cured, the sidewalls and windows are routed.

Sanding Routed Walls at Capri Camper

To smooth any potential rough edges from the routing process, the paneling is sanded.  Francisco made sure all the routing cuts were smooth.

Rolling Linoleum at Capri

Getting back to the floor, the adhesive is now ready for the linoleum.  First, Francisco carefully placed and unrolled the linoleum onto the floor and adhesive.

Routing the Linoleum on the Floor

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