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Truck Camping in New Zealand


TCM: Do you see many truck campers in New Zealand?

Willem: There are only few truck campers in New Zealand.  They used to build them here under the name Stag.  I heard that recently someone started to set-up a small production of truck campers, but I don’t know the details.  There is a representative for Lance Campers here, but they are too big and heavy for the average New Zealand truck being the size of a Toyota Hilux.

When we’re traveling with our truck camper, we meet lots of people who are unfamiliar with the concept of a truck camper and think it’s a good idea but, strange enough, it hasn’t become popular here in New Zealand.  We sometimes use the name, “lift-off-camper”.  That’s how a truck camper is known in Australia.

TCM: What are some of the most amazing places that you would recommend that people go to as they travel through New Zealand?

Willem: If you want to get a reasonable impression of New Zealand, spend at least one month here.  Spent two-thirds of your time on the bigger, less populated south island and one-third of your time on the north island.  South island has the biggest mountains and it is easy to visit glaciers.  Furthermore, there are thousands of miles of walking trails, all with mountain huts to spend the night.  The Department of Conservation has an informative web-site:


TCM: What’s next for you in your truck camping future?

Willem: We have not seen and done everything in New Zealand yet, but also think about making a long camper journey through North America.  This contact with Truck Camper Magazine might be a good possibility to get in contact with truck camper owners who might be considering an exchange.

TCM: What a neat idea.  If someone is interested in going to New Zealand and exchanging campers with you, they can email us and we’ll forward their email to you.  We may even take you up on that offer, some day.  Thank you for the interview Willem.

Willem: That would be great, and you’re welcome.

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