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The Mexico Dare – Truth and Camping South of the Border

Paul: Wi-Fi is more prevalent in Mexican RV parks than United States campgrounds.  In many cases, the RV park even has repeaters for full coverage.  I actually installed an outside WI-FI antenna this year with excellent results.  At many parks I was able to use my computer inside my camper, whereas last year I had to go near the office.  I use an antenna made by innovative devices (  It costs about $100. I rigged it up to my TV antenna so I could rotate it from inside the camper.  It hooks into a USB port on your computer.  I ran the cable down the fridge vent.

You should check with the park before using Skype or MagicJack, some are using satellite internet and do not appreciate you running up their bandwidth allowance.  Most are on TelMex DSL, however.

TCM: Is there anything else you would recommend to someone who’s interested in traveling in Mexico with a truck camper?

Paul: I would like to return to the safety issue.  It is good to be aware and alert to potential trouble, but I am sure that once you have experienced a season in Mexico you will feel much more confident the next time around.

Mexico is a fascinating country and you will experience RVing in a whole new way, hopefully a positive one.  As I often tell people, I did not work thirty years to sit at home and get my travel thrills watching the National Geographic Channel.  Get out there and enjoy.  There is an RV world beyond the United States and Canada.


Five Mexico travel websites well worth checking out: – “Mexico Mike” Nelson is probably one of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to traveling in Mexico.  While his site is not RV oriented, he has driven many 1,000’s of miles there and has unique insights. – An extremely active forum on Baja, Mexico.  A great source of information, if Baja, Mexico is your destination. – A forum for gringos living in Mexico. Often has good information on immigration procedures. – Dave Eidel has RV’ed extensively in Mexico. – This site contains interactive maps of Mexican RV parks.


RV parks mentioned in the article, that are not already linked:

Hotel  Mirador, Huatabampito –
Laguna del Tule –
Hacienda Contreras –
Roca Azul –
Chimulco RV park –
Villas Tepetepan –

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