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Living Wild In South America

Michael and Paula Webster, are traversing South America in a Four Wheel Camper and producing some of the most incredible bird and nature photography and videos we’ve ever seen.  Oh, and they’re just as funny as can be.  Conservation with some good cheeky fun?  Yes, please!

Living Wild In South America

We recently stumbled upon a truck camping video so fascinating (and adorable) that we just had to share it with you.  British nature photographers, filmmakers, and couple, Michael and Paula Webster, have been leading a multi-year expedition throughout South America in a quest to document the continent’s unparalleled biodiversity and promote conservation.

Along the way these two courageous souls get seriously stuck on the beach, slide across remote muddy roadways, traverse vast and barren deserts, take-on high-altitude snow, crawl rocky mountain terrain and cross expansive waterways.  They also encounter all manner of wildlife.  These folks are brave!

Living Wild Photographing Birds

Their primary focus is to capture the extraordinary bird life in South America in photographs and video.  For example, they were the first in history to record the endangered Hooded Grebe’s courtship dance in Patagonia.

The resulting film, “Tango in the Wild” is not only beautiful but also impossibly funny.  Seriously, take a few minutes and watch these spectacular birds get down with their bird selves.  Some of the moves would put any of us in the hospital.  Do not drink coffee while you watch this.  You’ve been warned.

It’s not all fun, photography, and video production.  Michael and Paula also visit schools and collaborate with other conservation groups and projects.  They are doing whatever they can to promote conservation and inspire the peoples of South America and the world to do the same.

Living Wild Camped On The Coast

For all of you out there who are afraid to go too far off the beaten path, or wouldn’t dream of crossing south of the border, these two are exploring Cape Horn to the Caribbean for months – all in a rig without a proper bathroom.  And from the looks of it, they’re having the time of their lives – with purpose.

Thank you, Michael and Paula Webster!  We are truly inspired.

For more information about Living Wild In South America including photography and videos, visit their website   You can also follow them at Living Wild on Instagram.

Living Wild In South America Website

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