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Truck Camping Through Europe

Felix: We prefer boondocking, so every place in the landscape is attractive for us.  The most impressive locations are on top of the steep vertical-walled cliffs of the Normandy coast in northern France.  We sit inside or outside of the camper, enjoy a glass of good red wine, and look at the gorgeous sunset.  That is one of the great moments we are looking for.

TCM: What’s next for you in your truck camping future?

Felix: For a long time we have been planning an excursion through the eastern part of Germany.  We want to visit the beautiful ancient cities of Dresden and Leipzig.  Furthermore, we will hike the famous Elbsandstein-Gebirge, a fascinating mountainous landscape.

TCM: Thank you for the interview, Felix.  Some day we’ll have to come truck camp with you in Europe!

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