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Traveling Through Australia In A Truck Camper

We delivered the truck camper at the depot.  They arranged everything with customs and put the truck and camper in a container.  It arrived in Rotterdam when we were long home in the Netherlands.  But, before we go home ourselves, we first went to visit Bali and Singapore.  Our adventure was not over yet.

We loved Australia and it was great to travel by truck camper.  We didn’t often see truck campers in Australia, but they are very convenient there.  People we met loved our vehicle and camper unit.  Australia is a great place to go truck camping.  Since there were a lot of places where you go off the sealed roads, we loved the fact that we had a four-wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance.

The driving distances were pretty long and sometimes there was no interesting place to stop for a few hundred kilometers.  With the kids, we liked that our vehicle was separate from the camper unit.  This made the driving much more comfortable because there was less noise and better seats in the back.

Our Adventurer 80SK truck camper unit was great!  We camped in all kinds of weather and lived in it for a long time.  It took us everywhere we wanted.  This was the journey of a lifetime!

Now we are back home in the Netherlands after a few great weeks in Bali and Singapore.  It is strange to adjust to normal life again.  The kids are adjusting easily. They became very flexible, or probably were already.  They have traveling in their genes forever.

The camper arrived in Rotterdam a few days ago.  It got out of the container without a scratch and is now standing in our front yard.  It feels like something from a good movie went back into reality.  We keep the travel feeling vivid by telling all the travel stories and show the pictures to our friends and family.

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