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Torklift Treasure Hunt Winners Travel To Alaska

Bonnie and Mike Pascucci are the 2012 Torklift International Treasure Hunt winners.  They received a seven-day all-expenses paid adventure to Alaska in a Northern Lite 9-6Q.  This is their story.


Having never really won anything short of a goldfish at an elementary school ping pong toss, I can only imagine what it’s like to get a phone call announcing that you’ve won an all-expenses paid truck camping adventure to Alaska.  I think I’d pass out, or at least fall over.

Perhaps the best part of this story is how it starts.  In short, Torklift International had to call and call to reach Bonnie and Mike Pascucci about their winning entry.  Bonnie and Mike were very busy planning a significant family event, and it never occurred to them that the folks trying to reach them had incredible news.

Of course who could blame the Pascuccis for not answering the phone these days.  Even as I wrote this paragraph, our phone rang with an automated recording, “This is a very important message…”  Yeah, sure.

When Candice Boutilier, Marketing Director for Torklift International, finally reached Bonnie and Mike, they were stunned.  This is the story of how they won the 2012 Torklift International Treasure Hunt and their grand prize truck camping Alaska adventure.  If this doesn’t inspire you to enter the 2013 Torklift International Treasure Hunt (coming soon), perhaps nothing will.  Remember, you have to play to win.


Above: Bonnie and Mike Pascucci at King Mountain State Recreation site

TCM: Congratulations on winning the 2012 Torklift International Treasure Hunt.  Tell us about participating in contest, and how you won.

Bonnie: We found about the Torklift International Treasure Hunt in Truck Camper Magazine and later saw it on NATCOA.  After deciphering the clues, we entered two photos; one from the 2012 Montana Truck Camper Rally, and another from Yellowstone National Park.


Above: Mike with the Lake Five Resort sign at last year’s Montana Truck Camper Rally

When Torklift International first attempted to contact us, we had nearly forgotten that we entered the contest.  At the time, we were thick in the throes of planning a wedding and weren’t paying attention to the messages Candice Boutilier, Marketing Director for Torklift International, was leaving us.  Candice kept trying to call us, looking for Mike.

When she finally reached Mike, Candice wanted us to have an internet connection plus a phone.  I set up the internet on my new iPhone and rushed into Walmart for the last wedding supplies leaving Mike to talk to her.  I returned out of Walmart to find him dazed and walking around the parking lot.

“We won.”

“Won what?”

“The trip to Alaska”

“What trip to Alaska?”

“The trip to Alaska!  We’re going to Alaska!”

We jumped into our truck and watched the YouTube video announcing our win again, and again.  That evening we watched it three or four more times.  It is still on Mike’s computer and I still hear it sometimes when he says he is working at night.

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