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Eagle Cap 995 Review

Under the dinette seats were two carpeted storage compartments that led directly to exterior compartment doors.  I have seen this arrangement on several full-booth dinette slide camper models (including our current Travel Lite) and wonder how items coming in from the outside don’t soil the carpet.

In an ideal world, these compartments would be divided in half by a wall with the outside half having linoleum flooring and the inside half having carpet.  I can see the eyes rolling at Eagle Cap now, but how else is the owner supposed to use the outside compartments without messing up the carpet?
Eagle Cap 995 refrigerator

Just forward from the dinette on the full-wall slide is a six-cubic foot refrigerator and a generous double-tier pull-out pantry.  Pull-out pantries are always a favorite feature when we work RV shows and I’m sure this pantry will collect many “oohs” and “aahs”.  In use, they are very convenient and work well for food storage.


The light tan granite coat fiberglass countertops, light cherry solid hardwood cabinetry, white double sink, bronze color faucet and cabinetry hardware, together with an elegant modern design make the rear kitchen in the Eagle Cap 995 a total knockout.  The black propane range and oven, range hood, microwave, and stereo only further enhance the high-end presentation.  Best of all, this kitchen looks very functional with plenty of counter space.  There’s even a flip-up granite fiberglass counter extension for when you need a little more counter space.

The only drawback aesthetically is a strip of light-colored gimp running along the floor (see right photo above).  I’m sure they’re working on eliminating this gimp as it’s the one glaring detail keeping this kitchen from a perfect 10.  As of now, it’s a 9.95 stunner.
Eagle Cap 995 drawers

The quality of the cabinetry doesn’t stop with the cabinet faces.  The full-extension steel rollers and overall build of the four drawers in the kitchen is exceptional.
Eagle Cap 995 light through counter

When I was doing my usual poking around, I happened to look up from under the kitchen sink area.  There I could see the sunlight coming through the counter tops!

How can this be?  Well, the counters are molded fiberglass with a granite gel coat.  Molded fiberglass does not need to be thick to be strong, and it’s fiber-GLASS.  The result are counters and table tops that are relatively thin, lightweight, and strong.


The light cherry solid hardwood cabinetry throughout this camper is dreamy.  I want it in my house it’s so nice.  Due to the immensely appealing look of the cabinetry, having a short wall of cabinetry right in the middle of the camper is a real visual plus.  This wall consists of two double door storage cabinets, the bathroom door, and a mid-camper spot for your thermostat, tank and battery monitors, and hot water heater switch.

One caveat here is that the storage space inside these cabinets is awkwardly shaped and could use some shelves to make the space more useful.  Or perhaps the Eagle Cap team could come up with some other creative ways to use this space.  Fireplace anyone?


The bathroom in the 2012 Eagle Cap 995 is truly incredible.  Ten years ago a bathroom like this on a truck camper would have been thought to be impossible, or nuts, but here it is.

Eagle Cap 995 bathroom

Naturally, we’ve seen bathrooms like this in truck campers ever since the invention of the full-wall, double, and triple-slide truck campers.  What’s fantastic about this camper is that it continues the high level of material choices and fit and finish we find in the kitchen.  In short, this bathroom is down right domestic.  I’ve been in household bathrooms that are smaller than this.

I would however like to see the faucet switched out for a bronze faucet.  Hey Eagle Cap, you started it.  If you’re going to put a nice bronze faucet in the kitchen, put one in the bathroom too.  Maybe even a porcelain toilet while you’re at it.  Kick it up a notch!
Eagle Cap 995 bathroom roof

But seriously folks, the only real down side to this huge bathroom is that it takes up a lot of room in the camper.  It also makes for a funky overcab sleeping situation.  More on that next.


The overcab bedroom area features a north-south queen size bed, large Heki skylight, mirrored wardrobe, and more of that sumptuous light cherry wood.  The overcab had a bright and open feel.  You really can’t fault this camper aesthetically.

Personally, I would much prefer a window on the driver’s side of the camper and a more traditional storage arrangement.  The mirrored wardrobe is wonderful for that feeling of space and light, but I’m not too keen on having mirrors right next to the bed.

I’m also not sure about the entry and exit of the overcab.  The whole reason for a north-south bed is so that one person can enter or exit the overcab without disturbing the other.  That and the storage the increased overcab length allows.  With this arrangement, you seem to get neither benefit.  If the person on the passenger’s side already isn’t going to have a window, you might as well turn the bed and make this an east-west camper.  Then you can have more storage and everyone can sneak in or out of bed without crawling over the other.

This is really an unfair criticism as the Eagle Cap team did exactly as they promised to do and copied the old Eagle Cap 995 to the letter.  If they had changed the overcab sleeping arrangement, then people would hit them for changing the camper.  The reality is that there was nothing special in the water at the old Eagle Cap making their designs perfect.  From this point forward, the Eagle Cap team should feel free to make changes for the better.
Eagle Cap LED lighting

The Eagle Cap 995 features LED lighting from one end to the other.  This is fast becoming the big trend to make truck campers more efficient and I am very happy to see Eagle Cap making LED lights standard in their 2012 products.

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