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Eagle Cap 995 Review

Looking closely at the two wrap-around fiberglass front nose caps, the new Eagle Cap looked at least as good as the old.  Adventurer has locally outsourced the production of their Eagle Cap fiberglass front nose and rear end caps to Miles Fiberglass & Composites in Portland, Oregon, a company with almost five decades of fiberglass production experience.  While the old Eagle Cap fiberglass team did an excellent job, it’s safe to say that Miles Fiberglass & Composites is meeting or exceeding their quality.
Eagle Cap 995 seals old

Above: 2010 Eagle Cap exterior seals

Eagle Cap 995 Seals new

Above: 2012 Eagle Cap exterior seals

Where I would be tempted to give the nod to the old Eagle Cap is with the exterior sealing.  We visited the old Eagle Cap in 2010 and they were sealing their campers with Sikaflex 715.

Adventurer is using the exact same Sikaflex 715 to seal the new Eagle Caps, but comparing the two exterior seals reveals two very different looking seals.  Where the old Eagle Cap’s seals are thick, unbroken, even, consistent, and a light tan color, the new Eagle Cap’s seals are comparatively thin, have minor gaps, lack consistency, and are a brighter white color.  The differences in color are probably due to the effects of the sun and elements (and dirt), but I would like to see Adventurer improve the quality of these seals.  On balance, the old Eagle Cap was probably the best in the business in this regard.

I was going to compare the interiors of the old and new Eagle Cap campers, but it was no longer apples to apples.  The two campers are very different floor plans with different materials throughout.  Instead, I decided to allow the new 2012 Eagle Cap 995 speak for itself.  But before we get to the inside of the new Eagle Cap, let’s take a look at some of the exterior features of the new bird.

2012 Eagle Cap 995 Exterior

LED Lights on the exterior of the 2012 Eagle Cap 955

With a little contorting between campers, I was able to get a full front nose shot of the new Eagle Cap.  Throughout the exterior of the 2012 Eagle Cap, clear LED lights give the camper a clean look.

Propane Compartment

The 2012 Eagle Cap 995 has room for two twenty-pound propane tanks.  These are located in the passenger side skirt of the camper.  This location makes accessing, loading, and unloading the propane tanks extremely convenient.
Dump Facilities on the camper

The dump facilities compartment on the Eagle Cap 995 is easy to access and well labeled.  I especially appreciated the outside battery kill switch.  I’d like to see this on every truck camper.

I’d like to see more attention given to this compartment including making the seals and plumbing look as well organized and clean as possible.  Yes, I’m nit picking, but I know the Eagle Cap team can do better.


The front exterior wall of the 2012 Eagle Cap 995 features a wide compartment door that reveals access to the water pump, Happijac remote control jack controller, and holding tanks.  Not only is it good to have this kind of easy access to the camper systems, but it’s also good to see the holding tanks positioned all the way forward and well insulated.  You can also see the aluminum framing stuffed with wood for additional strength.

Bravo to the new Eagle Cap team for this amazing compartment and access.  This will probably save the owner of this camper a lot of time and money over the years he or she owns the product.  Again, I would like to see more of this proactive service oriented thinking on all campers.  Well done.

2012 Eagle Cap 995 Interior


The dinette in the 2012 Eagle Cap 995 is a generously portioned full-booth dinette.  The dream dinette system gives the table a sturdy feel while giving the dinette occupants ample leg room.  The dinette seats were comfortable for the few minutes we sat in them.  Angela liked the fabric choices and I appreciated the fact they they were warm in color and fairly neutral.

The granite coat fiberglass table is gorgeous and at least as well made as the granite coat tables manufactured by the old Eagle Cap, probably better.  If we were grading this dinette, it would be a solid A.

The big window next to the dinette would make for some awesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner viewing.  I’m not wild about slider windows as they allow the rain in, but you can’t argue with the size.

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