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Check out the truck camper decorations, adornments, enhancements, improvements, garnishes, and gussy-ups from the 2012 Lobster Bash.

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It was a virtual parade of homes as we walked through the truck camper rigs at the 2012 North-East Truck Camping Jamboree Lobstah Bash.  Rally attendees signed up for walk throughs every fifteen minutes starting with Donna Bitcon and Ed Amato’s 2012 Lance 1050S.


“In the kitchen area I added a knife rack and a plexiglass back splash to catch the occasional splatter while cooking.  In the bathroom I’ve added a clear plastic barrier inside the medicine cabinet to keep the contents from moving around while we travel.  I also use Command brand hooks and hangers to apply things to the walls.  That way I don’t get marks on the camper’s cabinets if I move the hooks and hangers around.  I also put a cooking stone in my oven so my food cooks more evenly.” – Donna Bitcon


“Putting the noodles on the lower edges of the slide-out is an awesome mod.  They protect your head when you’re walking by the exterior of the camper.” – Marie Shahan

Next up on the schedule was Anne and Joe Brown’s 2012 Chalet DS116.


“We’re often asked if we can get to the bathroom in our Chalet double slide with both slide-outs in.  We can.  For mods, we added Naugahyde to our dinette cushions to protect the cushion material.  We also velcro things to our table and use small storage containers throughout our camper.” – Anne Brown


Right next door to Anne and Joe was Pam and Tom Tchorz’s 2011 Chalet TS116 triple-slide truck camper.  Having the two Chalet multi-slide truck campers side-by-side at the rally got a lot of attention.


“We have to have two slides out to get in, the kitchen slide and rear sofa slide.  We have added struts to our cabinets so they stay open and we have added carpet near the bed for less wear and tear from us getting into the overcab.  We have also added hooks throughout the camper for us to hang things.  Last year we added a ladder on the back of the camper and this year we bought a new truck.” – Pam Tchorz


“Look at the room!” – Janine Cowell

The two Chalet walk throughs ran a bit long and we missed a few campers.  The next camper we toured was Allan and Marie Shanan’s 2007 Palomino Maverick 1000SL.


“Allen added a porch to the back of the camper.  We can take it on and off.  Shelf liner is great to keep things on the dinette table or kitchen countertops as we drive.  I didn’t believe it would work until we tried it.  As long as the items are on the shelf liner, they don’t move.  I also added a bathroom mat in our wet bath.  It’s actually a dish drainer.” – Marie Shahan

The next camper was Janine Cowell’s Northern Lite 10-2 CD Special Edition.  The Cowell’s Northern Lite Special Edition was one of three at the rally including the 2012 Northern Lite 9-6 Special Edition we borrowed for the event.


“We don’t have a built-in propane generator so we use the generator compartment for storage.  Rather than have the built-in generator, we have a portable Honda generator which we keep in the truck until we need it.” – Janine Cowell

Jayne and Rob McCullock’s Eagle Cap 850 was up next.  The McCollock’s had done a good number of mods and decorations.


“Rob built an extra step for the bumper.  He also built a generator rack.” – Jayne McCullock


When we commented about the cool dish towel and needlepoint, Jayne said, “Lori and Catherine gave that towel to us.  They even put a green truck on it because our truck is green.”


“We have pull handles on the drawers and I used drawer pulls for coat hangers that I bought at Home Depot.  I also added a Dish Tailgator satellite receiver and a Coleman air conditioner.” – Rob McCullock

The last truck camper walk through we made it to was with Bob and Carol Lawrence and their brand new 2012 Lance 1191.  In addition to their modifications, Bob and Carol also have some neat truck camper trinkets that they’ve picked up in their travels.


“We can get into our camper while the slide is closed and use the camper.  I added a sprayer on my sink and LED lights throughout.  We took the headboard out to make the bed easier for us to use.” – Bob and Carol Lawrence

Clearly we have just scratched the surface with all of the possible modifications, tips, and tricks that help to make a truck camper a home away from home.  Hopefully these ideas inspire you to make your camper more fun, functional, and comfortable for your personal truck camping needs.  Thank you to all of the Lobstah Bash rally attendees who allowed us to document their campers and modifications.  Well done.


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