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January Mod Contest: Medium Mods


Above: Frank’s drawing of his solution – click to enlarge

I came up with a pair of hinges with a 3-inch pin so the hinge will slide three inches.  I put up the counter top like it’s designed.  Then on the right end I put a horizontal line on the wall with a light pencil mark for the height.  I cut a piece of 3/4-inch by 1-inch wood and glued it to the back to make counter top the same thickness as the other three sides.

I then fabricated a pair of hinges out of some scrap aluminum.  I used a 1/4-inch aluminum pin welded to the plates so that it could slide three inches.  Then I set the counter top on the end where I just glued the 3/4-inch piece of wood and screwed the pair of hinges to it.

I put the top in place by removing the rubber plug that aligns in the hole on the left and the two piece bracket which held up the right side of counter.  Having it in place and aligning with that horizontal mark I put on the wall, I screwed the other half of the hinge on the wall above the window all the way to the left three inches.


Above: The countertop is on a hinge so that it can be stored on the front wall of the camper – click to enlarge

Now I can slide the top to the right three inches to miss the step (for getting into bed) and the counter will now swing down in front of the window.  I can now slide it three inches to the left behind the step and I remove the chrome leg under the top because I don’t need it anymore.


Above: The countertop in storage mode – click to enlarge

In three seconds, I always have extra counter space and, in three seconds, I have it stored when going to bed.  I don’t have the leg in the way to keep me from getting into the floor storage compartment.  The slide will come within three-quarters of an inch of it, when it’s up or down.  I can leave it up while traveling if I want to view through the window.  I can’t think of any negatives.

It took me an hour except for the fabrication and welding of hinges.  It did not cost me anything because I used scrap material that was laying around.  In my opinion, the skill level of this mod is medium.

#3 – Nolan Sturgeon, California
2001 Ford F350
2015 Wolf Creek 850


Above: The hinged bunk bed rail and rope ladder – click to enlarge

I installed a hinged bunk bed rail and rope ladder for my son, Brett, to access the top bunk and prevent him from rolling off.  Both of my kids helped stain the wood to match the cabinets.  I installed two hooks in the small cubby below the dinette that secures the bottom of the ladder.  Screws hold the top in place permanently.


Above: Folding up and in travel position – click to enlarge

The bed rail folds down and the rope ladder folds up to allow the cabinet to hinge in place when the bed is not in use.  We store all the bedding in the cabinet when traveling.

#4 – Russell and Gretchen Berquam, Livingston, Texas
2014 Ford F350
2015 Arctic Fox 1140

We like to remove the camper from the truck when we are in a location for several days. Without some way to support the camper I wouldn’t feel safe living in the camper off the truck.

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