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Medium Mods – Storage Solutions, Auxiliary Grey Tanks

The picture on the left has the pole installed and the right has the pole removed with a tool used to loosen the hose clamp.  Click to enlarge the photos throughout this modification.


Above: This is the bottom flag pole spigot that the fiberglass pole slips over. The spigot is aluminum; 1¼ inches diameter and about two inches long.  It is secured to the U-bolt bracket with a 5/16” by one inch bolt that is below threaded into the spigot.

This modification requires a few fabrication skills to pull off.  The jacks on our camper are round and 2¼ inch exhaust clamps fit them well.  We modified the two clamps to have a 1¼ inch diameter aluminum spigot for the bottom of the pole and a half pike with a worm drive hose clamp for the top mount.


Above: The pinch cam clamp allows the fiberglass pole sections to telescope and be clamped when they are extended or collapsed – click to enlarge.

The pole came from a company called Max Gain Systems Inc., that makes antennas that are readily adapted for flag use.  You can choose the parts individually or buy the kit they have for different sizes.  The poles are fiberglass and fit together with a good sliding fit.  The pinch clamps are adjustable and hold the extended or retracted pole firmly.


There are clip mounts which can be screwed to the underside of the camper wing to hold the flag pole for transport.  We keep the top pole with the flag rolled up on the bed when not in use.


Our poles are 4 feet long and telescope.  This gives us a pole which is about 15 feet fully extended and collapsed it is about 4 feet, 9 inches.  This is plenty long to put the flag above the truck camper’s roof.  The bottom mount is about 4 feet from ground level.  We have our flag mounted on the left rear jack leg as we have the BBQ mount on the right rear jack leg.

Now I have two more legs to use for something?  I don’t want to wasted real estate.

The flag has been a real hit with us and we have had numerous comments from other campers.  If you are in a sea of campers it makes it easy to see your rig from a far.  Flag etiquette says that you should fly the flag of the country you in on the top and your own flag lower down, if you are flying two flags and in a foreign country.

This mod takes two to three hours depending on you skill set and tool availability.  It costs less than $150, including a good quality 3×5 flag.  In my opinion, the skill level of this mod is hard.

#2 – Glenn and Caite Blount, Lake Jackson, Texas
2012 Ford F350
2004 Lance 1010


Above: The hanging wardrobe was turned into a wardrobe with shelves – click to enlarge

We don’t travel with any hanging clothes, so we made the large vertical closet in our camper more functional.  At first we did hang some coats and put a tall narrow shoe rack in the closet.  Every time we traveled, items would not stay in place and the closet had to constantly be straightened up.

We decided that adjustable shelves would give us more flexibility and functional space.  We purchased and installed four adjustable shelf bracket strips and then cut four pieces of plywood to fit the space.  The top shelf is cut out so we can reach the items on the top shelf easily.

We used contact paper to cover the shelves so tote boxes would slide in and out more easily.  We purchased several small plastic boxes to store items.

We are glad for the redesigned shelving.  It is much more flexible and we store our shoes, fishing reels, wet weather outerwear, and miscellaneous items on the shelves.  Items don’t move as before, so there is less to straighten when we arrive at our destination.

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