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Camper Mod Contest Entries

Medium Mods – Storage Solutions, Auxiliary Grey Tanks

Ten truck camper mods have entered.  Only one can win.  It’s time to check out the August 2015 mods and vote for your favorite.  Welcome to the Monthly Mod Contest!


If there’s one thing our readers love more than anything else, it’s mods!

Every time we run a story with mods, readership rockets to the moon.  Every time we ask about favorite content, mods are at the top of the list.  No matter what readership metric we measure, it’s mods, mods, and more mods.

“Mods please, can we have some more?”

Earlier this Summer, we were struck with an idea so big, so exciting, and so stupid obvious that we just had to give it a shot.  What if, instead of a once a year mod contest, we held a mod contest every month?

The concept was simple; a monthly mod contest would get more mods in Truck Camper Magazine, more often, and give modders more opportunities to share their mods, and win more prizes.

To get feedback on the idea, we sent the “Monthly Mod Contest” concept to mod-makers who entered last year’s mod contest.  The response?  Overwhelming excitement and support.  Even better, we received enough fresh mods to successfully launch the new Monthly Mod Contest series.  Thank you mod-makers.

How the Monthly Mod Contest Works

Every month we will publish up to ten mods in a single mod category; Big Mods, Medium Mods, or Mini-Mods.  Then the readers will vote for their favorite mods.

The winner each month will win an extremely exclusive TCM “Mod Scientist” T-shirt and a chance to win the annual grand prize; “Top Modder of the Year” bragging rights, and a $250 gift certificate to Lowes of Home Depot (winners choice).

For more information about the Monthly Mod Contest, including how to enter, click here.

Monthly Mods Contest Vote: August 2015

Please review the following ten Medium Mods below and vote for your favorite August 2015 mod.  We will announce the August 2015 Mod Contest winner next week.  Someone is about to win the very first, very exclusive, highly coveted TCM “Mod Scientist” T-shirt.

August 2015 Mod Contest Entries

#1 – Jim and Anne Beach, Red Deer, Alberta
2009 GMC 3500
2012 Arctic Fox 865

It’s always nice to fly a flag.  There are telescopic flag poles and mounts that fit the 1 inch diameter ladders on most RVs.  However, with most truck campers, the door is at the rear and the awning covers the ladder when it’s open and partially even when it’s closed.

Truck campers have lots of unused real estate.  The jacks are either square like Happijac or round like our Rieco-Titans. The jacks are firmly mounted and constructed of substantial material so they are ideal for mounting removable accessories.


Above Left: This is the half pipe top clamp bracket.  Half pipe is the snow board term for a half moon shaped depression.  The flag pole fits in the half moon shape and hose clamp secures the pole to the half pipe bracket attached to the jack leg

Above Right: This is the top pole clamp with flag pole removed and the hose clamp hanging there with the ¼ inch nut driver that is used to secure and loosen the hose clamp when it is installed or removed from the truck camper.

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