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Camper Mod Contest Entries

2013 Top Mod Contest Winner

I built an oak frame and attached it to the wall of the camper with four screws.  I reinforced the mounting with double sticky carpet tape on the backside of the frame. Installed on the wall inside the frame is a piece of cushioned plastic shelf liner to protect the face of the television.

I found some elastic Velcro straps with a D ring on one end and a smooth plastic tongue on the other end at Lowes.  It is designed to go around an object to hold it together.  I saw that I could cut the D ring end off and mount it to the upper edge of the frame and the remaining part of the strap to the lower edge.  I would then have a quick and easy way to secure the television into place.


I have traveled thousands of miles with this setup and the television has never come out of its mount or sustained any damage.” – Eldon Rhodes

Victor Smith, British Columbia
1997 Adventurer 8’10” WS
1997 Chevy Silverado C2500


“My previous camper and truck were a 1981 Vanguard 8’10” WS and 1981 Ford F250 with an extended bumper and step built in that made it easy access to the camper.

When I upgraded to a basement model 1997 Adventurer 8’10” WS and a Chevy C2500, I had to purchase a trailer hitch step.  I had not anticipated the eighteen inch step up into the Adventurer.

I built a nine inch box step and bolted it to the trailer hitch step.  The box could only be enough for one foot and not block the license plate number.  This was a vast improvement for my wee legs.  I step left onto the hitch and right onto the box step.

When I exit the camper, I step backwards in reverse.  I added the hand rail to assist.  I use the scissor steps when parked and the box step when traveling for short visits.  The two steps do not interfere with each other.

I am looking with great anticipation for the arrival of my new 2014 Adventurer 89RB with the Comfort Step!” – Victor Smith

Garrett Moreau, California
2003 Ford F350
1997 Skyline Weekender


“So where can you put your outdoor speakers?  Anywhere you like.  These speakers can either just be set on the roof or be moved along the awning tracks.  I just remove them before driving away.

The outdoor quarter weatherproof plugs are mounted on the passenger’s side of the camper both near the roof making it easy to unplug for upgrading to any outdoor speaker you like.” – Garrett Moreau

Wayne Tobey, Colorado
2005 Chevy Silverado 2500
2012 Wolf Creek 816


“My modification is to my Torklift folding stairs.  The mod was necessary as my golden retriever would not go up and down my steps because he could see through them.  I attached wooden dowels to a double piece of indoor/outdoor carpet for each step.  I used a compressor driven stapler to attached the dowels to the carpet.  I placed the dowels behind the bracing of each step thereby securing the carpet to the stairs.  The dowels must be just a little longer that the length of the steps.” – Wayne Tobey

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.


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