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2013 Top Mod Contest Part 3

Andy Smith, Michigan
2002 Chevy Silverado HD 2500
1991 Sportsman 9.5


“While out in the sticks deer hunting, I normally start before sunrise, sit until dark, and then find my way back to the camper.  After last year, I thought a motion detection light would be nice.

I found one this week at a local store, on sale to boot.  It’s a battery operated, LED motion detection light, with a mounting attachment which you can attach and un-attach the light leaving the mount attached to the camper.  You can also twist it backwards 180 degrees and it will shut off in time and not come back on until you twist it back out, to save batteries.

Now when I step out into the great white north, or not if the wolves are around, I do not need to worry about the first step.  I also will have a home coming light upon returning.  America, what a country.  Did I say it was on sale?” – Andy Smith

Brent Portschy, Oregon
2005 Dodge Ram 3500
2006 Host Tahoe 10.5

3-fishing-pole-mount3-fishing-pole-mount-grill blog15

“I’m not sure I have seen this exact mod done before.  I mounted a Scotty fishing pole holder mount to the rear bumper of my camper.  I use the same Magma barbecue that I use on my boat.  This way I only needed one barbecue for either location.  I needed the mount and four stainless bolts, nuts, and lock washers.  It only took a few minutes to install.  The Magma grills are available at any boating, large fishing store, or online.” – Brent Portschy

Jeff Hagberg, North Carolina
2002 Ford F250
2006 Travel Lite 800SBX


“I installed two twenty watt solar panels connected to a voltage regulator and wired them up to two deep cycle batteries.  I do not use the charger in the camper.  There is no need in that the batteries are always charged and ready to go.  I also have a 2,300 watt inverter that will do everything I need.

The solar panels have been a real nice improvement to my camping and boondocking experiences.  I know two twenty watt panels are not enough to maintain power for extended off-the-grid camping, but they help keep my batteries charged.” – Jeff Hagberg

Jim and Anne Beach, Alberta
2009 GMC Sierra 3500
2012 Arctic Fox 865


“The Arctic Fox 865 has a propane outlet installed at the rear right side of the bumper.  It is not attached very well from the factory so the first thing was to attach it more securely to the bumper and add a cover for the quick attach.  A hydraulic quick coupler cover works well.  There is usually a good selection of covers available from any farm supply store.

First we built a steel support frame for the Weber 100 BBQ that can be removed from the BBQ by pulling two long SS pins.  The base has two tubes mounted above the base so the base is flat on the bottom.  It is made from one-half inch ply with a one-eighth inch rubber base glued to the bottom.  That is not really necessary, but makes it less likely to slide where ever you store it.

There is a V shaped yoke which has two pins that are installed into the tubes on the BBQ base.  One pin is set at ninety degrees to the V bracket which fits into the bracket on the camper jack leg.  I happened to have a piece of exhaust tube about six inches long which had the inside diameter closely matching the outside diameter of the jack leg.  I split it in two lengthwise and welded a three-quarter inch by one-eighths inch flat bar to the edges to make a clamp.  The vertical tube that fits the single pin on the V bracket has a piece of three-quarters inch by three-sixteenths inch flat bar welded to the tube.  It is sandwich bolted to the half moon bracket.  The inside diameter of the tube has a slip fit on the single pin on the V bracket.  The half moon bracket stays attached to the camper jack and can be adjusted up or down to suit your ideal BBQ height.  I used SS bolts so it won’t rust.  We have ours slightly higher than our at home BBQ and find it just fine.  When installed, the BBQ will turn at about a 120 degree range from the back of the camper to the side.  I painted the brackets white to match the camper jack legs.  The V bracket is removed for storage when the BBQ is not attached to the truck camper.

The propane connection is via a five foot hose with a quick connector from the truck camper to the BBQ.  The BBQ was modified by taking off the regulator and installing a male quick connect on the propane inlet.  The BBQ regulator needs to be removed because the propane supply is regulated down to operating pressure by the truck camper propane system regulator.

It was is bit of work to make the brackets however if you are handy with steel and a welder, it is good winter project.” – Jim and Anne Beach

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.


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