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2013 Top Mod Contest Part 3

Three unique items with this installation were the outlets into which we plug our devices, the location of the additional batteries, and a front edge shield for the panels providing protection from tree limbs or branches while off-roading.

The outlet came from Lowe’s and provides for a 120 volt outlet and two USB outlets.  The two outlets were installed; one outlet on the front left of the cabin, the other on the opposing side and placed to the rear of the cabin.

The removal of the existing propane generator created the space for three additional batteries.  The original Onan generator wire now provides a connection from the solar panel system to the three batteries.

On the back wall of the battery compartment is the inverter.  On the left wall is the outside weather station which must stay out of the rain in order to continue working.” – Paul Foster

Vinny Berube, Massachusetts
2012 Ford F450
2009 Lance 1191


“I took my wife to Florida several years ago and she fell in love with palm trees.  So our new Lance is decked out with palm tree rugs, towels, sheets, comforter, shower curtain, place mats on the dinette, and a palm tree clock.” – Vinny Berube

Sue and Don Graf, Maine   
2008 Ford F350
2013 Arctic Fox 865


“We bought a new Arctic Fox 865 this year and have been adding shelves.  We also deleted a drawer to make room for the kitty litter for our two cats.

The modification we are entering is for the bathroom.  There wasn’t any storage for everyday needs and the medicine cabinet was almost useless.  So, Sue made a mesh cloth pocket wall hanging affixed with industrial Velcro, which holds all our everyday needs.

Originally we wanted the kitty litter in the bathroom, but we didn’t like it there.  However, we removed the bathroom door, and we liked that.  In place of the door, she made a log cabin quilt curtain with tabs which we mounted it on a swing out curtain rod.  In the in position it acts as a door to the bath room.  When swung out, it provides privacy from the front of the camper and creates a dressing space.  After a shower it is nice to have a dry space to step out into.” – Sue and Don Graf

Gary Raymond, Florida
2012 Dodge Ram 3500
2006 Lance 1191


“I installed a dock box on the rear bumper.  It works out great for keeping the grill. folding chairs, propane, and basically anything.” – Gary Raymond

Bill Felinski, Texas
2010 Dodge Ram 2500
2008 Lance 971


“The fluorescent lights went out and I had strip LED left over.  This will greatly reduce power consumption while increasing light.  The first picture shows both the replacement LED strips and an existing fluorescent fixture to show the increase in light.” – Bill Felinski

Shelley Pike, Indiana
2009 Ford F350
2006 Lance 9’6″ Sportsman


“The shelf installed behind the stovetop holds a myriad of items and still allows the cover to fold up for cooking.  It’s approximately six inches deep and twenty-eight inches wide.  The height is eight inches but the finished size would be dictated by your camper’s particular layout.

I used a pre-made shelf and cut two by fours into legs one and a half inches square.  The legs are screwed in from the top and are fastened to the countertop with tacky putty.  It can easily be removed if necessary yet stays put during traveling.  In 60,000 miles, it has never come loose.

The clock and digital picture frame are secured to the shelf with adhesive backed Velcro; again, easily removed but solid when moving.  There is still much room to lay things top and bottom while we are stopped for the night.  I screwed a wire metal basket to the end to hold even more.  I love having a place to put items that I need to keep close at hand.” – Shelley Pike

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