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2013 Top Mod Contest Part 3

We also needed the platform to be rock solid stable.  It is attached to both the camper and truck.  The primary attachment is via a heavy duty hitch extension to the truck hitch receiver.  Each corner is attached via chain and a turnbuckle to the eye bolts on the camper and the carrier.  It works great as a stable platform to access the camper.

I attached a Torklift ladder and handrail system to make getting in and out of the camper easy and safe.  It only takes a couple of minutes to attach and remove and can easily be done by one person.

The platform also serves as a large carrier for additional camping and fishing equipment used on trips to the beach and other camping spots.  Access to a spare tire under the truck is not easy with the camper in place, so I carry a second spare on the carrier which will be easier to access if needed.

I used a seven foot long four inch piece of PVC pipe with end caps to carry my sewer drain lines.  The PVC pipe is attached to the front of the carrier.  There is plenty of room for a large cooler, gas grill, fishing gear, portable generator, beach chairs and lot more.

Finally it serves as a great outdoor shower area since the flooring is made of open aluminum grid.  Sand gets rinsed off us and through the grid flooring instead of being tracked into the camper.  I installed a extra long hose to the shower head that can easily reach the rear platform.

I am very happy with this platform and get lots of questions and compliments from other truck campers who have seen it.” – Ray and Martha Jordan

Randy Andres, California
2009 Ford 350
2006 Bigfoot


“Like most truck campers, my dinette converts in to a sleeping area.  This works well when our guests are small.  On occasion, we invite three nephews and the dinette bed is a bit narrow.

I solved this by widening the bed platform.  The dinette bed is only three feet wide.  Using aluminum C channel (discarded curtain hardware) I made a platform extension.  The end bars are supported on each side by cleats (see photos).  The two center bars rest on the table cleat and the cleat bolted to the side bar on the right.   I then place three sections of plywood on the frame.  When not in use, they are stored under the seat cushions.

Add a self inflatable pad or you could custom make similar foam pads as dinette cushions.  My six foot 155 pound nephew sleeps there.” – Randy Andres

Don Gill, New York
2004 Ford F250
2010 Travel Lite 875


“I had a bracket made to lower the scissor steps.  Since this not a basement model, the dealer mounted the stairs too close to the underside of the entry door and, at times, it would rub.  This also allowed moving the steps about one and a half inches to the right which is a normal traffic pattern away from the hinge side.  We used the same mounting holes in the camper and applied silicone caulk in the holes and the back of the plate.” – Don Gill

Doug Baughman, Iowa
2008 Ford F350
2013 Northstar Arrow 8.5


“I built a place to hold our lawn chairs, a place for my flag, and a light on top of the ladder to shine on the flag at night.” – Doug Baughman

Paul Foster, Maryland
2005 Ford F250
2008 Lance 845



“I installed two solar panels.  The results have been outstanding by providing sufficient energy to dry camp for months at a time.  The solar energy powers four batteries which handle two computers, two cell phones, a twelve volt television, one Nook, two hot spots, and all the LED interior lights on the rig.

Installing two 85 watt solar panels was aided by Lance providing a schematic of the roof support struts.  Knowing where to drill into the roof was important.  My dealer gave me further guidance on how to ensure water doesn’t leak through those holes by applying butyl on all the holes.

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