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2013 Top Mod Contest Part 2

The 2013 mod-rageous mod contest roll out bonanza continues with fifteen more inspirational mods.  Look under your dinette seat to discover what the runner-up winner has in store.


Welcome to part two of our four part 2013 Top Mod Showdown contest entry series.  The first three installments include runner-up $25 Lowes Gift Card prizes.  For the fourth and final installment, we will name the winner of the $100 Fuel Card Grand Prize, aka the Top Truck Camper Modder of 2013.

Runner-Up Winner #2: Jim and Anne Beach, Alberta
2009 GMC 3500HD
2012 Arctic Fox 865


“The Arctic Fox 865 has quite a bit of wasted space under each seat cushion.  There is a piece of three-eighths inch plywood screwed to the seat base.  The plywood can be cut into two with one piece screwed down to the seat base nearest the wall.  The other piece has a hole in it to make lifting it up and out easy.

I built some boxes from quarter inch baltic birch ply that fit in the space under the seat.  The boxes on the 865 can be about four and a half inches deep and are a reasonable size to keep things that aren’t used every day.  The baltic birch ply is strong, light weight, inexpensive, and cuts and glues easily.  I left a cut-out for the twelve volt isolator switch.” – Jim and Anne Beach

2013 Top Mod Contest Entries Part 2

Dave and Dora Donovan, Idaho
2007 Chevy 3500
2012 Chalet TS116


“For us, the couch that came with our camper was uncomfortable and too high.  We also did not need the extra bed, so I decided to make a change.

I ordered two chairs with movable pedestals.  Both of these chairs swivel and rock requiring a little more room than where the couch was.  In order for them to fit on the slide floor, I had to build a hinged extension on the front of the slide floor and carpet it to hide the hinged part.  To bring the rear slide in, all you have to do is turn the chairs sideways up against the wall and then lift the hinged front off the floor.

I also built the small table that’s between the chairs, although I have changed it again.  I now have an end table with a collapsible table top and magazine rack, but no pictures.  This is a much better option for us than the couch.” – Dave and Dora Donovan

Gary Raymond, Florida
2012 Dodge Ram 3500
2006 Lance 1191


“I installed bamboo floors in the camper.  I never did like the carpet with all the sand from the beach.  I think the Lance 1191 looks great with the bamboo flooring.” – Gary Raymond

Garrett Moreau, California
2003 Ford F350
1997 Skyline Weekender


“Do you have a shovel and dents?  This shovel was added after dents in the siding were too costly to replace.  Plus, who doesn’t need a shovel to get out of the mud?  A short trip from the ladder to the roof is how you get your shovel.  Two clasps and a wing nut keep it firmly in place.” – Garrett Moreau

Bruce Allison, California
2000 Ford F350
2012 Adventurer 910FBS


“We like to modify the camper to suit our needs.  The 2012 Adventurers had LED outside lights, but incandescent interior lights.  Job number one was converting all the interior lights to LEDs.  Now, if we turn on every light in the camper, we have the same electrical draw as turning on one and a half of the old lamps.

One downside is, after that was accomplished, the camper interior was too bright for our liking.  The interior light fixtures had clear lenses, and translucent white lenses were not available.  Our solution was to remove all the clear lenses, and softly sandblast the inside surface to create a frosted glass effect.  Perfect!  Now we have plenty of easy-on-the-eyes light inside!” – Bruce Allison

Bob Robinson, Florida

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