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2012 Top Mod Contest Part 4

TCM announces the Top Truck Camper Modder for 2012 and the winner of the $100 fuel card.  Fifteen more mods bring our two week mod-a-thon to a fabulous finish.

Truck Camper Modification Contest Winner

Welcome to the fourth and final contest entry article from the 2012 Top Mod Showdown Contest.  For the fourth installment, we are announcing the winner of the $100 Fuel Card Prize.

The winner of the Top Truck Camper Modder for 2012, and the $100 fuel card is…


Top Camper Modders for 2012: Roger and Kathy Sather, Minnesota
2008 Dodge 3500
2012 Arctic Fox 811


“We did this modification to make the seating more comfortable.  We gave up the original foam seats in three to four months.  In a truck camper your seating is limited.  Our real concern was did we have enough room between the booths to do this.  We spent a good deal of time finding suitable chairs.

We added a shelf under the window and another shelf across the two booths.  The booth plywood deck was a half inch, we changed it to 29/32 inch for more chair stability.  The table is from IKEA, with adjustable leg height.  The chairs are from Staples, and were chosen due to the arms that go up for ease of chair entry and exit.  The fabric trim around the booth was cut down to about two inches to provide more room for the chairs.

The rug is the second attempt because the first we had was too much contrast.  This one almost matches the factory carpet.  The wires are still a work in process.  We want them neater, but still have to move them with computers to go to WiFi locations.” – Roger and Kathy Sather


2012 Top Mod Contest Entries Part 4


Pete Horneck, Colorado
2006 Dodge Ram 2500
2010 Hallmark Milner LX

“We like to bike and ski.  We have a pop-up truck camper and didn’t want the weight and inconvenience of our gear on the roof.  We also tow trailers so we didn’t want a rack in the hitch receiver.

My solution was to mount a Thule rack system on the back wall.  It’s versatile, and handles bike trays, snowboards, and skis.  And whatever else we strap to it, like a shovel.  It’s also a makeshift ladder if you lock yourself out on the roof!  It’s easily removable when you don’t need it, leaving only the mounting pads.

I’m really happy with this mod that’s really about what we like to do with the camper!” – Pete Horneck


Alex Blasingame, California
2007 Ford F250
2002 Lance 815


“This platform results from some cab slapping I experienced from my second trip on the White Rim Trail in Utah.  The idea was to get the camper high enough above the cab to prevent any contact from the cabover part of the camper.

In building this raised platform, I incorporated two slide-out drawers for storage, with each drawer being about forty inches long.  My third trip on the White Rim Trail proved this mod has worked.  One unexpected side effect from raising my camper this high was the elimination of the wind noise at freeway speeds that had been happening.” – Alex Blasingame


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