Camper Mod Contest Entries

$100 Fuel Card Contest – 2014 Mod Madness

It’s time to enter your truck camper modifications to the annual TCM Mod Contest.  This year there are three categories, but only one mod will rule them all.


Listen up mod makers.  The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

It’s time – right now – to photograph and submit your best truck camper modifications for the 2014 Truck Camper Magazine Mod Contest.  The deadline to enter is 11:59pm PST, Tuesday, June 17th.  Grab your camera, take pictures of your mods, and send them in today.  The 2014 TCM Mod Contest is officially on.

WARNING: Elite Ninja Cats Standing By

Every year we meet truck camper owners with incredible modifications who have somehow failed to submit their work to the annual Mod Contest.  One guy even told us he was just about to send us a mod, but then… Squirrel!

To ensure that doesn’t happen this year, we have recruited an elite team of ninja cats ready to be unleashed in your general direction if you do not photograph and enter your truck camper mod.  Don’t let yourself be attacked by elite ninja cats.  Submit your modification today!

Three Mod Contest Levels

New for 2014, the Truck Camper Magazine Mod Contest also features three category winners who will each get $25 fuel cards; Level 1 Big Mod, Level 2 Medium Mod, and Level 3 Decorative Mod.

Level 1 Big Mods require significant construction like entry step systems, rear porches, counter top replacements, and recliner chair installations.  If serious tools, material, and time was involved, it’s likely a Level 1 Big Mod.  Big modders, you know who you are.

Level 2 Medium Mods are generally smaller in size and scope and can include shelf installations, battery additions, dinette table modifications, and other interior and exterior truck camper adjustments, alterations, adaptations, and retrofits.  If you took something in your camper and made it better, it’s probably a Level 2 Medium Mod.

Level 3 Decorative Mods can be as simple as a towel hook, re-covered dinette seating, a photo wall, or any other decorative or functional element that makes your camper a home away from home.  If you’ve personalized the interior aesthetic of your camper, or done something simple to make life on the road more comfortable, it’s likely a Level 3 Decorative Mod.

If you’re not sure what level your mod qualifies for, send it in and we’ll make the determination.  As a general rule, every modification counts.  Just because a modification is simple or small doesn’t mean it won’t win.  We’re looking for clever ideas, not just big projects.

What qualifies as a truck camper modification?

A truck camper modification is physical change you made to improve the stock design, appearance, or functionality of your truck camper.  A modification can be a simple cosmetic change like new fabric for the seat cushions, or a floor plan change like a re-arrangement of the camper dinette, or the addition of a new or better component or appliance, and anything in between.  Interior and exterior truck camper modifications and decorations count.

The best modifications are things you did to improve the aesthetics or function of the camper to better suit your personal needs.  Did you alter your camper to make it work better for your truck camping lifestyle?  Chances are you made a qualifying modification.

Here are contest rules:

1. Submitted camper modifications must have been made by yourself on your own truck camper.

2. Camper modifications must be new to Truck Camper Magazine.  Please do not send in camper modifications that have been submitted in a past TCM Mod Contest.

3. Camper modifications must result in a physical change to the camper; cosmetic, decorative, and/or functional.  Repairs do not count, unless they also improved the stock design, appearance, or functionality of the truck camper.

4. You can enter up to three modifications per truck camper.  Please send each modification in a separate email.

5. Please include a brief written description of each modification, why you did the modification, and how the modification has worked out.

6. If possible, please include photography of your modifications.  At least one photograph per modification is preferred, more is better.

7. The deadline for entries is 11:59pm PST, Tuesday, June 17th.

8. Please include your first name, last name, and home state.  Please also include the year, make, and model of your truck and camper.

For example:

Harley White, Pennsylvania
2013 Chevy Silverado 3500
2014 Northstar 8.5 Arrow U

That’s it!  $100 fuel card is on the line.  May the best truck camper mod win.

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