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TCM STARS 2011 Part 2

Catch up with TCM Stars Barbara Linsley, Jim Davis, Bertram and Kare Furman, Sylvie and Jake Mathis, Jack and Joann Purdy, and many more.

Truck Camper Magazine Stars 2011 Part 2

This summer has been especially busy for our TCM STARS as they chase their wildest truck camping dreams from coast to coast.  As you’re about to see, the trips have been bigger and more interesting than ever.  We are always inspired by what our fellow truck campers are doing and can’t wait to try out a few of their recommended camping spots.  Thanks to all the TCM STARS who sent in their reports.

For part two of our Summer 2011 catching ups, we hear from Roger and Charlotte Baxter, Rich and Gladys Janssen, Sylvie and Jake Mathis, Jack and Joann Purdy, Bertram and Kare Furman, Dave, Diane, Shane, and Gabrielle MacQuaid, Jim Davis, Dr. Byron Thomas and Billie DeWilde, Sally Stomberg, Greg Gaskill, Kathy Lordier, Barbara Linsley, Don and Geneda Schwanke, Gary and Hazel Birenkott, Anne and Joe Brown, Jerry and Paula Gale, and Paul and Terry Beddows.  The limos are pulling up.  The flash bulbs are ready.  Here’s another wave of TCM STARS!

Roger and Charlotte Baxter
Roger and Charlotte Baxter: Pop Up To Alaska


There was no way to top our Alaska/Yukon trip last summer, so we settled for a two month, sixteen state loop visiting family and friends this past spring.  From Oregon we headed south to Joshua Tree National Park as the lakes were still frozen in Minnesota.  We enjoyed three days of hiking and driving as many back roads as we could.  We found this fixer upper truck by the old mill.  Then on to Quartzite for a quick visit and, while we there, we discovered the Pipeline road that starts south of town and loops south of the New Water Mountains about thirty miles before joining Interstate 10.  It’s a very remote road.  We only saw three jeeps in a convoy along the route.

Back to family and friends, we made it as far south as Dallas, Texas and as far east as Indiana.  The weather was warming so we headed up to Minnesota.  We got snowed on once, but we were able to help the cousins get the pontoon boat in the lake for the season.  We find that our Minnesota cousins have a weird sense of cold.  One year Sherry said, “It hasn’t been too bad of a winter because it never got below freezing”.  When we reminded her Cliff was out ice fishing on the lake she sputtered and said, “Oh, I meant zero”.

On the way home we spent time in Custer State Park, South Dakota, viewing the buffalo and other wildlife along the back roads.  We saw lots of new born calves.   Then we went down to Ft Lupton, Colorado and a stopped at Hallmark for a very minor adjustment.  Bill Ward and the crew are top notch people.

Since then we’ve camped in Central Oregon. Next week we’ll be in the Rogue National Forest close to Crater Lake before we go for a few days on the Central Coast.  Life is good.


Rich and Gladys Janssen
Rich and Gladys Janssen: Stitching An American Dream


We left home two months ago and by the time we get back to Dallas, Texas we will have covered around 14,000 miles this year.  We started out this trip by going to California to see family and friends.  From there we traveled north along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and hoped to go into Yosemite but the roads were closed because of too much snow.  Consequently we drove farther north until we could head west toward San Francisco.  It’s challenging to drive straight through the city to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, but we made it.  After walking across the Golden Gate Bridge we continued up the coast on Route 101 until we entered the Redwood National Forest.  It’s amazing to still see trees that big and be fortunate enough to camp among the behemoths.  After a couple of nights among the giant trees,  we continued up the coast into Oregon.  Oregon’s Pacific coastline is among the most beautiful scenery in the country.  We stopped at various very interesting light houses before heading toward McMinnville, Oregon where you will find a great museum display of the old plane called the Spruce Goose of Howard Hughes fame.

From Oregon we are heading across the northern United States to the Upper Michigan area.  We plan on stopping at Mt. Rushmore en route.  From there we head back to Dallas via Chicago where my wife is having her fiftieth high school reunion this year.  We have shared the Truck Camper Magazine site with numerous RVers along the way so hopefully many more people will now be taking advantage of your great site and the good information you provide.


Sylvie and Jake Mathis
Sylvie Mathis: Doing More and Spending Less in a Truck Camper


It all started while in Washington State, on July 28, 2010.  We decided to purchase our first sailboat.  By October 23, s/v Hob Nob was in our life.  Because it’s towable, our truck camper life has somewhat changed.  Our first long trip was to the Florida Keys.  In May we found a summer camp for our boat and our truck camper.

From the Everglades National Park at Flamingo, we sailed to Key West and back.  Keeping our truck camper running while we were on the water was easy since we have two solar panels.

We are temporally changing from our normal summer going northwest to going to our local lake and sailing all directions.  We found a small sailing club that had a slip perfect for Hob Nob but no electric campsite for our truck camper.  Here in Texas the temperatures are in the hundreds for months, so we need electricity.  We found a friend on the Club grounds that allows us to occupy his driveway with our camper from Monday to Thursday, with electricity.  He visits the lake house during the weekend only.  We like that because we are only few hundred feet from Hob Nob and use our truck camper as our home away from home.


Jack and Joann Purdy

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