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TCM STARS 2011 Part 1

Catch up with TCM Stars Dave Ruane, Gary and Pam Veeder, Mike and Terri Church, Paul Kellagher, John Bull, Dan and Bonnie Forry, and many more. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Truck Camper Magazine Stars 2011 Part 1

Every year, we check in with everyone we have ever done a truck camping lifestyle story with and ask, “What have been up to with your truck camper?”.  Every year we get more and more responses with more and more fun adventure stories and pictures.  It’s so much fun to hear from our past interviewees and even more fun to see what they’ve been doing.  Our truck camping community is truly the best.

This is the first of two TCM STAR catching up stories.  For the first installment we hear from Dave Ruane, Terri and Mike Church, Nancy and Eric Williams, Gary and Pam Veeder, Barbara Hartman, Allan and Yvonne Huntly, John Bull, Paul Kellagher, Jerry and Reta Caldwell, Matt Rivard, Randy and LaWana Smith, Bonnie Belza, Dan and Bonnie Forry, Joei Carlton, Duncan Crawford, Chuck Johnson, and Ron and Michelle Humphress.  Step off the red carpet, here come the TCM STARS!

Dave Ruane
Dave Ruane: The Hunt for Adventure


My trip to Moab, Utah this past year was an amazing adventure.  Inspired in part by Dave Roger’s, a.k.a. Whazoo, truck camper trip reports on the area, I set out to explore the area on a three-day weekend.  It was not enough time to do the Canyonlands National Park like he did, but I did a good feel for Moab.  I’ll definitely be going back for more.  What a wonderful place for exploring and camping.  Moab earned a bumper sticker spot on the back of my Northstar!

I also made my annual camping forays to Missouri for spring turkey hunting, weekend warrior trips to the mountains close to home, and have many trips planned for the remainder of the summer, fall, and early winter.  This coming weekend I will use the truck camper as base camp to climb a Colorado fourteen footer (more than 14,000 foot mountain) called Long’s Peak.  It is best to start the climb at about 3:00 am to ensure you can make it to the top and be done before any afternoon lightning storms come in!  The truck camper will be a great place to sleep until 3:00am and then a good place to relax afterwards.


Terri and Mike Church
Mike Church: Author, Adventurer, and Truck Camper


We are reminded daily why we love and appreciate travel in our Adventurer pick-up camper.  Last year, it effortlessly and economically took us as far north as Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and as far south as Mexico’s southern coast.  We especially value the freedom to affordably hop on a ferry or drive Mexico’s first class toll highways paying only the car rate.  This summer is shaping up to be equally interesting and rewarding as we travel thousands of miles and visit over 1,500 campsites in the six month task of researching the upcoming third edition of our Pacific Northwest Camping Destinations guide.  Although that’s lots of miles on what seems to be virtually every road in Oregon, Washington, and as far north as Dawson City in British Columbia, along the way we’re taking the time to enjoy the many outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest offers, including great hiking and getting our kayaks wet at every opportunity.  The camper is perfect for getting us to those out of the way campsites near trailheads or along the many lake shores.

We invite everyone to follow our travels on our website at where we post a weekly blog as well as updates to our books.  This summer we also launched a new Facebook page, called Rolling Homes Press.  We hope you will “Like” us on Facebook to follow our latest “adventures”.


Nancy and Eric Williams
Eric Williams: An Alaskan Family Tradition


We continue to love our Alaskan Camper!  This spring, we made a trip to Duck Camp in Okanogan, Washington.  It’s always great to see the last snow leave the ground and wild flowers blooming.  Eric’s younger brother Rory, his wife Katy, and daughter Madison joined us at Duck Camp.  Chayce loved seeing his cousin and it was nice to get together with family and enjoy the outdoors.

Chayce was asked to join a select 9U baseball team, the Auburn Cubs, and the Alaskan has come in handy for weekend tournaments.  Even if the tournament is in town, we still bring the Alaskan so we have a kitchen and bathroom available.  For out of town tournaments, having the Alaskan has saved us a ton of money in hotel fees and eating out.  We are more comfortable sleeping in our own beds rather than in a hotel room, and we can stock up our refrigerator for team potlucks.  So not only is the Alaskan great for true off-road adventures, it’s also great for baseball games!

Come September, we’ll be into the grouse hunting season.  And before you know it, it will be October and time to set up Duck Camp again for another season of duck hunting.  We can’t wait!

Gary and Pam Veeder
Gary Veeder: From Key West to the Yukon


We are just finishing up fourteen days in Newfoundland and we have really enjoyed this trip.  We are older, senior citizen, truck campers which has a bearing on this destination.  I would not recommend less than two weeks and if you are of a mind to walk the many trails.

Since July of 2010 Pam and I have traveled quite a bit.  Our first trip was in late July when we traveled to Newfoundland and spent two to three weeks enjoying the most friendly people we have had the pleasure to visit with and share memories. 

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