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Assateague Island Dreaming

Ron: She’s there where I’m fishing. We’re always there with the truck camper. You can park right there on the ocean.

TCM: What kinds of fish do you catch on Assateague?

Ron: Depending on the time of year, everything from seven-foot sharks down to Spot – a little bay fish about the size of your hand. You also catch Hard Head, Stripers, Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Blue Fish. I now carry a 14-foot kayak on the roof of my camper. We hook a bay fish and paddle out about 300 yards and then paddle back. We usually catch a pretty big shark doing that.

TCM: Why would you want to catch big sharks?

Ron: Because it’s fun (laughs). And we take a lot of pictures. It’s all catch and release. I only keep the Rock Fish because they’re so good to eat.

TCM: So which is more important to you, fishing or truck camping?

Ron: I’m a fisherman first and a truck camper second. Truck campers are close second.

TCM: Since there’s no electric hook-ups in the bull pen or on the beach, do many of the truck campers use solar power?

Ron: Not as many as you would think. Many are older truck campers that don’t have solar. We mostly use generators. I use a Honda 2000 that runs everything.

TCM: Don’t all those generators get loud and annoying?

Ron: I think the quiet time is after 9:30 pm. People generally don’t run their generators after 10:00 pm.

TCM: Are there dump stations on Assateague?

Ron: There are two dump stations on the island. That’s what the license fees help to pay for.

TCM: Do you need a fishing or beach license?

Ron: No, you don’t need a fishing or beach license. All you need is that permit that sticks on your bumper for $75 a year.

TCM: What else do you like to do on Assateague?

Ron: There are access roads to the bay where we’ll go clamming if the bugs are okay. People also go kayaking, swimming, and surfing.

TCM: Do the ladies get into the fishing action?

Ron: Yes. There are a ton of great female anglers. I’m the chairman for a large fish tournament and several of the teams are all female teams. Of course the women also sun bathe and play volleyball and horseshoes.

TCM: Are there only truck campers on Assateague Island?

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