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TCM: You are lucky to have so many amazing truck camping opportunities in your area.  Is there anything else about your truck camping lifestyle you would like to share?

Steve: I have a place to keep the camper here at the shop.  I hook up the power, dial in the satellite and, if I want, I have lunch in my camper.  Even when it’s not on a trip, it gets used.

The Friday before Christmas this year we put together a barbecue lunch for the guys.  With my truck camper in the shop, I have the kitchen right there.  I’m set up to cook for lots of people.  It’s a great set up.

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Steve Torp’s Rig
Truck: 2008 Ford F450, long bed, diesel, crew cab, four wheel drive
Camper: 2014 Lance 1172
Tie-Downs/Turnbuckles: Douglass Bed System
Suspension: Douglass Resprung the Truck
Gear: Custom Douglass Truck Body


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