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From Emergency to Adventure

John Bull shares his truck camping stories from visiting grandchildren to exploring Big Bend to using his camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle.


Last December, we published, “The Truck Camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle (FEV)”.  The article strongly resonated with many of our readers who wrote in with their FEV stories for weeks.  In fact, “The Truck Camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle” continues to be one of our most popular articles.

Many months after running the FEV story, we received an email from long time reader John Bull telling us about his FEV experience caring for his sister in the hospital.  Then we learned more about John and realized that he would make a great story for Truck Camper Magazine.  It turns out he’s quite the active and adventurous truck camper and has a few more stories to share with us.


John at Boot Hill in Ogallala, Nebraska


Leaving FDR State Park near Warm Springs, Georgia in the early morning fog


Elaine at the World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine in Cawker City, Kansas


Windy day at Grand Isle State Park in south Louisiana


Near Lake Michigan – camper taken from the wooden tower


Parked in San Diego while on a whale watching boat tour


Boat tour of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge – whooping crane catching a Blue Crab with a 32X zoom


Campsite near Ogallala truck camper show in 2006


South Padre Island – No room in the campground – better scenery and we paid less


Camped next to Merrit Reservoir, Nebraska


Campground on the Florida coast


In Sandhills of Nebraska on the way to the Star Party

TCM: How did you use your truck camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle?

John: Last summer, my sister went into the hospital with a serious infection in her foot, which was a complication of diabetes.  She was in pretty bad shape.  I drove 200 miles to the hospital and arrived at 1:30 in the morning.  I found a level spot in the hospital parking lot and hit the sack.

At the hospital, I parked in a regular parking spot in an area where not many people parked.  I talked to the guards and they had no problem with it.  They’d even drive by to make sure that everything was okay.

I was there for the next two weeks making sure that she had help communicating with the doctors and nurses.  I don’t think I could have been as effective in dealing with all the things that came up in my sister’s care if I had not had been staying in the camper in the parking lot.  I have spent so much time in the camper previously that I almost felt that I was at home.

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