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Inheriting the Truck Camper Itch

Andy Elliott’s grandfather shared his passion for truck camping adventure until finally Andy couldn’t take it anymore.  Now Andy’s family is hooked on truck camping.


This incredibly meaningful and heartfelt story showed up in our email box a few weeks ago.  We were deeply inspired by Andy’s words and he reminded us how important it is to listen to our elders and share our passion for truck camping with the next generation.

Although Andy’s family has only had their CampLite truck camper for a short time, they have already forged life long truck camping memories and have even used the truck camper as a Family Emergency Vehicle.  Andy may have waited a long time before finally taking the truck camper plunge, but he and his family are making up for it quickly.

Thank you Andy for sharing your family story.  We can’t help but believe your grandfather would be very proud.


Inheriting the Truck Camper Itch
by Andy Elliott

I have been a follower of Truck Camper Magazine for about two years and just recently broke down and purchased my first camper, a 2012 Camplite 8.5.


Above: Clyde Elliott with the truck camper that started it all

My love of truck camping began as I watched my grandparents travel extensively in a Sunlite pop-up camper in the early 1980s.  As a youngster, I was intrigued by their truck camper’s features and I remember playing in the camper in their driveway.

Although I was too young to go with them or to understand the freedom that they enjoyed with their camper, I remember the excitement in the air as they planned their trips across the country and to Nova Scotia with another couple that they enjoyed traveling with.  I specifically remember the exciting stories they told upon their return.

I guess my love for my grandparents and the excitement in my grandfather’s voice as he told of their adventures predisposed me for an interest in truck campers.  As an adult, like many who are caught in the rat race, I found myself too busy to do anything about the camper itch that had started when I was a young.

While watching my children mature over the last few years, I realized that time is fleeting and that generating shared experiences with my family has a value that can’t be measured.  As this change occurred, my grandfather (who had become frail and unable to even travel to the local store) spent hours talking to me about campers and camping.

He was even more enthusiastic about me buying a truck camper purchase than I was.  He really wanted me to spend time camping with my kids, his great-grandchildren, before they were too old to have an interest in camping with their mother and father.


Above: Camping at Outer Banks National Seashore

Even after embracing the idea of truck camping, I still found the concept to be extremely complex and was really confused about the camper and truck features that were right for us.  This was where Truck Camper Magazine became a valuable asset.  I spent hours scouring the Truck Camper Magazine archives and eagerly awaited each new issue.

In the summer of 2011, my grandfather passed away and left a hole in my life that will never be filled.  His passing made me realize that life is indeed short and special moments are to be held onto as long as possible.  I will always value the time he and I spent throughout the years talking about camping.  During those conversations he was young and free again.  His vivid description of the parks they visited in the western United States made me feel as though I had been there with them.


Above: Andy’s 2012 CampLite 8.5 and 2012 Dodge 2500 truck camper rig

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