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Aaron Mulkey Is Cold Fear

From the warm comfort of his Cirrus 920, ice climbing pioneer, Aaron Mulkey, scouts the canyons and mountain ranges of the United States in an endless pursuit for remote, uncharted and virgin ice.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cold Fear.

Aaron Mulkey is Coldfear

The comfort zone for most people doesn’t seem to extend past a living room sofa, television, and smartphone.  The mere thought of hanging upside down from a rock face hundreds of feet above the ground is totally alien.  Some folks wouldn’t have the courage to even watch such extremely dangerous behavior, much less do it.

And yet, hanging upside down from a rock face is exactly what Aaron Mulkey lives for.  As he explains it, if he doesn’t get his death defying rock and ice climbing in on a regular basis, he gets cranky.  Comfort zone?  Aaron doesn’t need no stinkin’ comfort zone.  Give him a 10 mile hike into the Wyoming wilderness, 30-degree virgin ice to climb, and the opportunity to test his world-class climbing skills.  That’s Aaron’s happy place.

After a day of throwing axes, kicking crampons, and threading ice screws, Aaron returns to his real comfort zone; a 2018 Cirrus 920 and 2017 Ford F350 truck camper rig.  With an onboard Alde hydronic heating system, Aaron stays toasty warm, even as outside temperatures fall into negative territory.  What’s most impressive is how he’s able to stay warm off-grid for up to six days on solar power alone.  No generator required.

Just looking at Aaron’s incredible ice climbing videos and photography, it’s clear that Aaron’s risk tolerance is nearly infinite.  Just thinking about what he does freaked us out a little.  If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to read this interview lying down.  It’s a cliff hanger.

Above: Check out this awesome trailer for Aaron Mulkey’s film, the Pursuit.  You’ll see Aaron climbing in this video.

TCM: How did you get into truck camping?

Aaron: I have been camping since I can remember.  As a kid, my family camped every weekend.  Every fall and winter my dad and I hunted, so it seemed like a nonstop childhood of camping.

When I was about twelve we had a truck camper.  That was a big win for my father because we could get to some more remote areas to hunt.

I wanted a camper that I could go practically anywhere with and would not have to tow anything.  Motorhomes and trailers are just not meant to go off-road.

I chose a Cirrus truck camper because nuCamp’s manufacturing technology seems way above the rest of the truck camper marketplace.  Another major deciding factor was the modern Cirrus interior design.  Cirrus campers have a very clean look that makes them stand out.

Other campers tend look like they were made in the 1980s.  I did not want wagon wheels and roses for furniture covers.  I was actually amazed that the other campers on the market were so far behind in making their campers look current.

Aaron Mulkey Climbing Out West

TCM: NuCamp definitely has an eye for modern interior design.  You are the first person we have interviewed with a Cirrus 920 . What led you to that specific camper?

Aaron: I live in Cody, Wyoming, which is a gateway to Yellowstone.  We had been looking at used campers, and couldn’t find anything that didn’t look like it was built in the 1980s.  For the money, I couldn’t justify a camper that we weren’t in love with.

A year into looking, I saw a Cirrus truck camper drive through town.  From the outside it looked cool and had a different look to it.  I looked Cirrus up on the internet and it was what we were looking for.

At the time the only model they manufactured was the 820.  We had already bought a long bed Ford F350 for a camper.  I emailed nuCamp and asked if they had a long bed version.  They told me it was going to be out in eight months.

When nuCamp had the 920 ready for production, they got me in contact with Holiday RV in Poncha Springs, Colorado.  I picked up my Cirrus 920 in October.

Extremely Cold Weather Aaron Mulkey

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