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TCM STARS 2012: Part 1

Thousands of miles and hundreds of destinations later, seventeen Truck Camper Magazine past interviewees share their 2012 truck camping adventure stories and photographs.  Here’s go anywhere, 2012 style.


When Angela and I were first developing the concept of what would become Truck Camper Magazine, there was a core belief that the magazine should be for and about the truck camper users.  We would cover truck camper products and accessories better than had ever been done before, but the heart and soul of the magazine would always be focused on the average truck camper owner, and their real life adventure stories.

Almost six years later, that core belief is stronger than ever.  Truck Camper Magazine is nothing if it isn’t a direct reflection of the vibrant truck camping community it serves, and what that community wants and needs it to be.

Getting back to those early conversations about what TCM should be, one of our initial ideas was to interview people about their truck camping, and then check in on them now and then to see what they’ve been up to.  To our delight, this simple idea has worked out beautifully and we have been able to interview and keep up with many of our interviewees.

For part one of our 2012 Catching Up series, we reconnect with Dan and Bonnie Forry, Don and Lucy Seijas, Jerry and Judy Funk, Bob Whitney, Jim Jeffries, John Bull, Gary and Rose Kindon, Randy and LaWana Smith, Ed and Sandra Krech, Duncan Crawford, Paul and Terry Beddows, Barbara Linsley, Joei Carlton, Bill Tex, Jack and Joann Purdy, Chuck Johnson, and David Wilson.



“Our camping adventures began in March as Bonnie and I went to Nebraska to see the Sandhill Crane migration.  In May, I officially retired from my thirty years as Park Ranger and we took the camper to visit our son and family in Plymouth Minnesota, camping in their parking lot.  The next week I camped at my sister’s home about seventy-five miles away and went trout fishing for two days.

In July, we camped at Waubonsie State Park in southwest Iowa and also camped at a tractor show in Minnesota.  August included camping at two more tractor shows.

In October, we headed for Utah via Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, traveling 4,000 miles in eleven days.  We visited Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Oklahoma City National Memorial Site, Red Rock Canyon State Park in Oklahoma, Tent Rocks, Bandelier and Angels Peak National Monuments in New Mexico, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim, Monument Valley in Arizona and Kodachome Basin State Park and Bryce Canyon in Utah.

I also went trout fishing again before winterizing our camper.  What a great time, and every time we went truck camping!” – Dan and Bonnie Forry


“Our rally here in Florida this past October was great.  We filled the campground this year!  The rally was the highlight of the year for us.

In August we discovered Long Point County Park on the East coast of Florida near Sebastion with some other camping friends.  It’s a great park right on the water.  You can launch your kayak or keep your boat right behind your site.

While setting up our site, the neighbor next door mentioned to us that there were some spare parts for one of those pop-up canopies over in the dumpster.  I was polite and said thanks and thought to myself, “I have enough stuff that I don’t need and I’m not going dumpster diving for more”.

Two days later, Lucy and I went to the beach in the afternoon to try getting a little beach fishing and relaxing time in.  Well, it was all of about twenty minutes and the sky turned black and a severe storm blew up.  We grabbed all our stuff and ran to the truck.  On the way back to camp we knew it wasn’t good when we saw a power line down on the access road to the campground.

When we got to our site, everyone told us how they risked their lives to keep our new Coleman canopy from going airborne in the mini tornado that just blew through.  Well, you know what I needed now.  Yup, you guessed it, those spare parts in the dumpster.” – Don and Lucy Seijas


 CUP12-P1-funk-1 CUP12-P1-funk-2 CUP12-P1-funk-3

“We bought our Lance 1181 last November and have been in it almost every day since then.  We spent last winter in the southwest, revisiting a lot of places we’ve been to before like Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Big Bend National Park in Texas, Quartzsite, Imperial Dam, Salvation Mountain, and the Slabs in Arizona and California.  We also went to the Native American World Hoop Dance Championships in Phoenix.

In June, I had major Cochlear Implant surgery on my right ear in Austin, Texas.  We parked the camper next to the front door of the hospital and stayed in nearby parks for my recovery period.  The camper made this a piece of cake.  While there, we toured the state capitol and visited Lyndon Johnson’s homestead and Presidential Library.  We also helped Princess Craft Campers move to their new location in Round Rock, Texas.

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