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Suspension Products For Trucks Hauling Campers

Roadmaster Suspension

2019 Roadmaster Suspension Products

To contact Roadmaster in Vancouver, Washington, call 503-288-9898.  To visit the Roadmaster website, go to For additional information, request a Roadmaster brochure.
Anti-Sway Bars – MSRP $200 – $1,200
Roadmaster’s sway bars, also known as stabilizer bars, anti-sway bars, and anti-roll bars, are suspension enhancement products that are designed to decrease sway and body roll and improve cornering traction and control.

Roadmaster anti-sway bar for trucks Roadmaster anti-sway bar kit

Roadmaster has sway bar kits for more than 150 different motorhomes, trucks and SUVs.  Each sway bar kit is designed for a specific chassis and suspension system and comes with heavy gauge mounting hardware.  Roadmaster sway bars are designed to improve stability and cornering control, especially for towing combinations.  The sway bars are made from large diameter, 4140 chromoly steel and heavy-duty polyurethane bushings.  Roadmaster sway bars have a two year warranty.

Reflex™ Steering Stabilizer Bars – MSRP $395 – $595
Roadmaster’s Reflex steering stabilizers are suspension enhancement products that are designed to keep your steering centered.

Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer

A Roadmaster Reflex steering stabilizer helps prevent your camper truck steering from wandering all over the road.  It’s also designed to eliminate rut tracking and keep your rig headed straight down the road.  In the event of a front tire blow out, the stabilizer helps absorb the initial impact and allow you to maintain steering and control. Roadmaster Reflex steering stabilizers have a one year warranty.

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