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Scout Open House 2024 Brought It Home

Adventurer Manufacturing recently held their second Scout Owners Open House and Meetup and it’s a model for the industry. Curious about what Scout Campers is truly all about? Scout owners spell it out.

Scout Open House 2024 Industry Model

One of the biggest opportunities in the truck camper marketplace is for the industry to get better connected with their passionate user base. From these relationships, the industry can learn more about what truly works in their current designs, and what doesn’t.

Even better, the industry can gather incredible ideas on how to improve the function and aesthetic of their campers through user modifications. Through their customers, every manufacturer has an active focus group for product feedback, suggestions, and ideas. All a company has to do is engage.

Above: A video showcasing the Scout Owner Open House and Meetup

Adventurer Manufacturing clearly understands this and actively pursues customer engagement through their annual Scout Owners Open House and Meetup. The open house starts at Adventurer Manufacturing in Yakima, Washington for a Scout Camper factory tour.

There’s no better way to understand the company, people, materials, and build process behind your camper than a factory tour. You are guaranteed to leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the camper on the back of your truck. I’m sure the Scout owners who attended the open house look at their Scout Campers a bit differently now.

Scout Meet Up 5

The Scout leadership and production team took the factory experience up a notch by offering to work on Open House attendee campers during the visit—for free!

Scout Meet Up 3

This was an extraordinary opportunity to get a camper tuned up by the people who fully understand every facet of the product. It also gave the Scout team an opportunity to listen to their customers about things that have opportunities to improve and then get hands on with solutions. This is the kind of direct customer-to-industry decision-maker moment that can yield dividends in product quality, innovation, customer service, and customer relations.

Scout Meet Up 4

After the gathering and tour at Adventurer Manufacturing, the Scout team and customers went camping together in their Scout rigs.

We have written about this many times in Truck Camper Magazine, but it’s incredibly important for the leadership, design, and marketing teams at every camper manufacturer to get out of their offices and go truck camping in their own products. That sounds obvious, but it’s shocking how many leadership teams, design teams, and marketing teams not only don’t camp in their own campers but have never been truck camping.

Scout Meet Up 2

That’s not the case with the Scout team at Adventurer Manufacturing. In fact, we know Adventurer Manufacturing’s CEO, David Epp, is very passionate about his Scout Camper and enjoys every opportunity he can go on adventures in his personal rig. When we talk to him about his campers, updates, and new models, you’d think we were talking to a kid about his new present on Christmas morning. We understand that passion for truck camping. It’s what led to this magazine in the first place.

A Model For The Industry

There are several other camper manufacturers who have open houses and meetups like Adventurer Manufacturing’s event for Scout Campers. However, there are far too many who are missing this amazing opportunity to further interface with the user base and become part of their customer community. I know there’s a significant time and cost attached to that idea, but the potential benefits are amazing.

Well done, Adventurer Manufacturing! Of course, I would be negligent in my Publisher responsibilities if I didn’t now encourage you to host an Adventurer Campers Open House and Meetup. There are some very passionate Adventurer owners who would love the opportunity to tour the factory, offer their feedback, and camp with you.

For more about Scout, visit their website at  Click here to request information about Scout.



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