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Kodiak K99 Camper Tour

Eric and Allison of The Endless Adventure reveal a rare fiberglass Kodiak K99 truck camper with a fun, funny, and sometimes over the top truck camper tour. If you’ve ever been Kodiak camper curious (like us), scratch that fiberglass itch now.

Kodiak K99 Truck Camper Tour

Kodiak truck campers were manufactured by Peak Manufacturing in North Battleford, Saskatchewan before going bankrupt in November of 2003. As a result, we have only ever seen one Kodiak camper up close in the wild, and that was at a camper rally immediately after our 2018 truck camper accident.

That wasn’t exactly the moment for me to be thinking about anything other than staying upright, which left my Kodiak curiosity unscratched. And seeing how few Kodiak campers we’ve seen, I’m betting a lot of you are also interested in this long-lost non-slide, hard side fiberglass truck camper brand.

Kicking the presentation up a notch, Eric and Allison are not truck camper owners and are often hysterical (in more ways than one) as they explore the camper and figure out what everything is and how it works.

The 1998 Kodiak K99 appears to be mostly original inside and out. Other than being evidently, “dirty” and, “stinky”, the K99 also seems to be in exceptional shape for its quarter-century vintage. The unit needs a deep cleaning, some aggressive TLC on its seals, and probably a remodel, but is otherwise one of those diamonds in the rough some of us look for.

Thank you, Eric and Allison, for the Kodiak K99 tour, the “dig-dang” laughs, and for educating us about the term, “food porn”. That one almost made me snarf.

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