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Flip 90 Transforms Camper Expectations

We keep tabs on all kinds of creative truck camper concepts around the world.  The Flip90 is one particularly interesting example.

Flip90 Transformer Camper

Designed and built by Queensize camper and ICC Offroad in Germany, the Flip90 camper fits a VW Amarok and electrically lifts up and out and rotates down to expand the interior camping space.

The truck bed becomes the bedroom with a queen-size bed and the “flipped-out” area includes the multi-use entrance, living area, and kitchen.  It’s practically a Transformer truck camper.

To fully appreciate this concept, you need to watch the video.

Like the VW Amarok, I doubt we’ll ever see this lime camper on this side of the coconut, but it’s got some flippin’ interesting ideas for our domestic marketplace to consider.  If nothing else, the Flip90 is a complete 180 from traditional camper thinking.

Click here to read more about the Flip90.


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