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Cube Series Walkthrough Video

Princess Craft RV has made an extensive walkthrough video showcasing the Cube Series truck camper. Whether you’re into hard sides or pop-ups, this innovative camper deserves a closer look.

Princess Craft RV Cube Series Camper Video

Pound for pound, Cube Series represents one of the most innovative pop-up truck campers we’ve ever seen. Put another way, there’s more features and technology per square inch in a Cube Series than just about any other truck camper on the planet.

From how it’s made (vacuum bonded fiberglass and laser welded aluminum cabinetry) to the state-of-the-art electrical system (up to 360 Ah of lithium batteries and 760 watts of solar), the Cube Series is cutting edge squared.

PJ Buerger, Owner of Princess Craft RV, has made a detailed walkthrough video showcasing the future leaning design, materials and features of the Cube Series camper. As you will see, there are many layers to the concept and functionality of this intricate unit. It’s a potential game changer.

For more information on Cube Series, visit their website at Click here to request more information about  Cube Series Campers.



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