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FINAL VOTE: 2023 TCM Calendar Contest Finalists

After an intense first vote, just 24 stunning images remain. From these 24 finalists, it’s time to pick your favorite 5. The best of the best. The winners will be announced next week. Choose carefully.

2023 Calendar Final Vote

Every year we get reports on the intense stress caused by the calendar photo selection process. To help, we reached out to the top medical professionals in the truck camping community.

Here are their suggestions:

To release endorphins, take a brisk walk around your camper. Breathe deeply and meditate in your cabover. Try Yoga in your main walking area. Warrior pose. Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at your dinette table. Avoid gassy brussel sprouts. And if none of that works, try guided imagery. Stop thinking. Let things happen. Be the vote.

Now that you’re centered, you have exactly three days to pick your 5 favorite photos from the 24 finalists.  The winners of this vote will be the 13 (that’s 12 months plus one cover) 2023 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest winners.

All 13 calendar winners will have their winning photograph and the story behind their photograph featured in the magazine.  The 13 winners will also receive a free 2023 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar.

Voting has now ended.  Click here to see the winners of the 2023 Calendar Contest.

Here are the 24 finalists from the first calendar vote in numerical order:

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#002 - Mike SimmonsPark City, Utah2001 Ford F-3502021 Palomino Backpack SS-1500Camera Used - iPhone 11 Pro MaxThis was taken the week of Christmas on Main Street in Park City, Utah.

#002 - Mike Simmons

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#038 - David ClockGrant Lake, California2021 Ram 35002022 Arctic Fox 865Camera Used - Sony A7Rm3, 16mm f 2.8 lensThis photo was taken on a weekend trip for my birthday. I planned this quite a few months in advance checking all the moon dates to make this shot happen.  The conditions needed to be right. My wife and I had done some hiking and kayaking over the weekend with this spot in mind for those activities and photography.I often weekend camp somewhere in this area, and this place usually has no one around; it’s quiet, on a lake with a big mountain backdrop which makes it special.  Luckily, we had good clear weather, often not the case for early April in the Eastern Sierra.I have done a good amount of night photography, so I knew what I was after with this shot.  What I needed was enough moonlight to show some foreground detail, yet not so much to drown out the stars in the sky.I often use a camper for my photography, and we always mix in activities like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking or a mix of them to round out the days during our trips. Having the Arctic Fox 865 has been such a solid performing, comfortable camper year round. Idaho, Montana and Canada trip coming soon!

#038 - David Clock

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#047 - Ali DaviesMoab, Utah2010 GMC 2500 HD Sierra2021 Scout OlympicCamera Used - Canon R6This trip to Moab was planned the day I arrived there back in 2018, when I joined a group of friends on a spur of the moment mountain biking trip. Fast forward to 2022 and the Canada-US border opening up allowed me to take my young family of four down to this wicked place. One huge part of this trip’s success was our Scout camper along with my young girls’ drive to explore and ride our mountain bikes together. We have many more pictures, but this picture here was of our last day in the Moab area before we started making our drive back home to Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

#047 - Ali Davies

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#059 - Colton ZieglerMoab, Utah2010 Ram 25002021 Capri RetreatCamera Used - Samsung S10eDuring our annual jeep trip to Moab, we were camping just outside of Canyonlands National Park overlooking Arches National Park. I was lucky enough to wake up early one day to get this awesome sunrise shot!

#059 - Colton Ziegler

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#079 - Matthew BreiterBow Lake, Alberta, Canada2020 Ram 35002022 Arctic Fox 1150Camera Used - PhoneAs we left Bow Lake in Alberta, we noticed how tall the mountains were surrounding us. We stopped to take a photo and show how little our Ram 3500 and Arctic Fox 1150 were compared to the scene around us. Clouds were flowing over the mountains to block the peaks from view. Every mile (or kilometer in our case) had a completely new view as we drove up the Icefields Parkway.

#079 - Matthew Breiter

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#086 - Alexandre GregoireMexican Hat, Utah2021 Ram 35002022 LOKI Basecamp FalconCamera Used - Sony A6600Still on our winter road trip, we found a boondocking spot right in front of the famous Mexican Hat rock formation. This is about 15 minutes away from the famous Monument Valley that we visited the day before this picture was taken. 

#086 - Alexandre Gregoire

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#088 - Brent KoopsBadlands Boondock Campspot, South Dakota2016 Chevy Silverado2016 Four Wheel Camper HawkCamera Used - Canon 7DMkIIWe arrived on the west edge of the Badlands National Park by late afternoon and briefly set up camp. After a relaxing evening hike of exploring around the rim of the Badlands, we arrived back at the camper as the last light of the day dimmed and we enjoyed a supper under the stars as the prairie coyotes were singing in the background.

#088 - Brent Koops

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#134 - Barbara NewboldLolo Pass, Highway 12, Idaho2018 Ram 35002014 Northstar TC800Camera Used - iPhone 12Camping along the Lewis & Clark Scenic Byway in Idaho.

#134 - Barbara Newbold

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#154 - Heidi BesenInyo Forest near Mammoth, California2018 Dodge Ram 35002018 Hallmark NevadaCamera Used - Sony A6300We spent much of the winter of 2021/2022 traveling to ski resorts across the western and central US. We spent the day skiing at Mammoth in California and wanted to camp nearby. This area at is pretty much at the foot of the majestic Sierras very close to the ski resort. We were there late in the day and caught some beautiful golden lighting and lots of puffy clouds.

#154 - Heidi Besen

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#181 - Cher GrahamGrand Teton Park Road, Wyoming2014 Ford F4502018 Lance 1172Camera Used - iPhone 12 ProWe were caravaning with our daughter’s family to a reunion in Bliss Idaho. After an afternoon of hiking in the Grand Tetons we switched passengers to keep our grandchildren interested. I noticed our rig in the mirror and stuck my head out the skylight to capture this shot. Yes, I was not the driver at this time.

#181 - Cher Graham

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#187 - Mike TumchewicsBluey Lake, British Columbia2020 Ford F3502021 Cirrus 820Camera Used - Nikon D850This was our first outing of the camping season following a very wet and cold spring here in British Columbia. This particular BC Forest Service recreation site caught our interest after seeing photos of the lake posted on the BC Sites and Trails website. A brief description on how to locate this particular site mentioned the road was best accessed by a high clearance four wheel drive vehicles. A better description would have been

#187 - Mike Tumchewics

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#206 - Miguel Oscar DiazTadrat Desert, Algeria2019 Toyota HiluxAlu Cab Canopy CamperCamera Used - Canon RPassing a narrow sand aisle between big sandstone rocks, waiting to pass a difficult soft sand section ahead. The trip was on February, the best month to go. We didn't see any other human being during our ten days in the Tadrat desert, located where the Algeria, Niger and Libya borders meet, 2.500 Km. south from Oran, the arrival port in the Mediterranean sea.

#206 - Miguel Oscar Diaz

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#288 - Lori DaskoRuby Mountain Campground near Nathrop, Colorado2016 Ford F3502022 Cirrus 820Camera Used - IPhone 11 Pro MaxOur go-to camping spot near Salida, Colorado is on the shores of the Arkansas River with views of the Collegiate Peaks. We always watch for a colorful sunset in the evening and this one did not disappoint.

#288 - Lori Dasko

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#289 - Ken PastoriusGlacier National Park, Montana2015 GMC 3500 Denali2012 Arctic Fox 1150Camera Used - iPhone 12 Pro MaxMy sister, with her daughter and son-in-law, met up with me for a few days of hiking in Glacier National Park. They flew in while I’ve been on an extended road trip. After a long day of hiking, they returned to their hotel and I was driving out the east end of Glacier to find a place to call home for the night. As I was leaving the park, I saw this valley and pulled over at the nearest pullout to walk over and take the shot. From where I had to walk, I noticed my truck was also visible and decided to include it for the picture.

#289 - Ken Pastorius

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#291 - Marcus LarsonHaines Highway, Alaska2019 Ford F-2502019 Capri RetreatCamera Used - i-Phone 13 ProMy wife and I were on a three month trip through Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon and NW Territories when we took this photo along the Haines Highway. We were in awe of the jaw-dropping scenery along the whole highway. We camped just off the highway where we saw Trumpeter swans in search of nesting grounds on the small lakes nearby. The next day we hiked (actually post-holed through the snow!) the Chuck Creek Trail to Samuel Glacier in the Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Provincial Park in British Columbia.

#291 - Marcus Larson

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#298 - Tony MaBadlands National Park, BLM Highway 240, South Dakota2016 Ram 35002013 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - iPhone 13Leaving Badlands National Park on Highway 240 and drove to the BLM to the top of the hill for a night.

#298 - Tony Ma

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#303 - Matt NelsonThe Wedge Overlook, Utah2017 Ram 35002007 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - DJI Mavic droneI've had this spot on my list of places to go for a couple of years now ever since I saw some pictures of it online. I finally made it there this year, and it did not disappoint! Not for the faint of heart, it's approximately either 20 or 40 miles on dirt/gravel roads, depending on what direction you approach from. Although I think they were the best maintained dirt roads I've ever been on! I also had a really hard time using the gas pedal to back up into the campsite I found.  My eyes told me I was perfectly safe, but my brain was having trouble making my foot work to press that pedal.

#303 - Matt Nelson

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#325 - Jim McCoyLockhart Canyon, Utah2003 Dodge Ram 25001990 Hallmark LaVetaCamera Used - phoneWandering last fall/winter, I hid out in Lockhart Canyon off the Lockhart Basin road in Canyonlands, south of Moab, Utah.  I spent five days down there hiking and exploring, and made a truck camper Thanksgiving meal of sliced turkey, mashers, gravy, and green beans.

#325 - Jim McCoy

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#364 - Sheri MichaelsSheep Mountain Road, South Dakota2003 GMC 3500 Sierra2001 Lance 1121Camera Used - iPhone 13 Pro MaxWe found this lovely boondocking site off of Sheep Mountain Road just outside of Badlands National Park and were rewarded with this magnificent view. We were just four days into our four-and-one-half month trip to Alaska when we found this perfect spot. We did have a special surprise that night also. It was the night of a total lunar eclipse so we got some great photos in the clear night sky. Our truck camper has been our home for the majority of the last two years.

#364 - Sheri Michaels

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#372 - Scott GregsonMt. Rainier, Washington2018 Ram 35002018 Cirrus 920Camera Used - iPhone 13 Pro MaxWhile spending time in Washington State, we came across this beautiful boondock spot facing Mt. Rainier. It was cloudy most of our stay, but a few times the sun came out and we captured this picture. Sasha and I felt so lucky and grateful to experience this winter wonderland from the comfort of our truck camper!

#372 - Scott Gregson

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#380 - Shannon DizmangOwl Creek Pass, Colorado2006 Toyota Tundra2002 PhoenixCamera Used - Nikon D850, sigma 14-24mm art.Driving up to find find camping spot on night 1 of 4. It rained big time. Pulled into and overlook area and played with the water puddles for a bit.

#380 - Shannon Dizmang

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#429 - Derek HansenTok Cutoff, Alaska2002 Ford F3502004 Lance 1010Camera Used - DJI Mavic Air 2Boondocking spot alongside the Tok Cutoff on the way out of Alaska. I spent the night here, enjoyed a nice display of the northern lights at 3 AM, and was just about to hit the road when the sun came up. I launched the Mavic Air 2 quadcopter for the view above and this was my favorite photo of the scene.

#429 - Derek Hansen

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#432 - Alex WebberGrand Teton National Park, Wyoming2015 Chevy Silverado 25002021 Lance 825Camera Used - Canon EOS 80DThis summer presented my wife and me with a dream road trip as we completed a military move from Oregon to Florida. In total, we logged 45 nights in the camper along 4800 miles of this beautiful country. The top spots were our time in Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks. Since we were moving across the country we not only had the truck with the camper but also our 2nd vehicle. We just packed out of Colter Bay RV Park following a 3-night stay and were headed to the Virginian RV Park in Jackson Hole for the July 4th rodeo and fireworks. As my wife was driving the camper along Teton Park Road (with me in pursuit in our other vehicle) the Lance Camper mountain graphics started aligning with the backdrop... I knew we had to pull over and snap a shot! Here is the result!

#432 - Alex Webber

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#435 - Linda DukeCanyonlands NP, Utah2016 Ram 35002021 Northstar 850 SCCamera Used - Samsung S10 PhoneAfter our last night of camping on the White Rim Trail we had to squeeze by the cliffside and the drop off edge of the road. This spot made us glad we had a small camper and a capable truck. We love to explore the back county of Utah. The landscapes are breath-taking and photos can not do justice.

#435 - Linda Duke

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