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FINAL VOTE: 2022 TCM Calendar Contest Finalists

After a mind-numbing number of votes, 24 incredible photos remain for the finals.  From these 24, it’s time to vote for your favorite 5.  The winners will be announced next week.  Choose wisely.

2022 Calendar FINAL Vote

The vote is now complete.  Results will be shown on Friday, November 5, 2021.

You now have exactly 6 days to pick your 5 favorite photos from these 24-finalists.  The winners of this vote will be the 13 (that’s 12-months plus one cover) 2022 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar Contest winners.

All 13 calendar winners will have their winning photograph and the story behind their photograph featured in the magazine.  The 13-winners will also receive a free 2022 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar.

Finalist voting starts now and ends Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 11:59pm PST.  Here are the 24-finalists from the first calendar vote in numerical order:

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#003 - Marcus LarsonMontezuma Canyon, Coronado National Forest, Arizona2019 Ford F2502020 Capri RetreatCamera Used - DJI Mini 2 DroneDispersed camping on the Mexico border in Montezuma Canyon Coronado National Forest.  We just kept turning down the road less traveled until we found this spot.

#003 - Marcus Larson

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#052 - Matt Breiter Utah2021 Ram 35002021 Palomino HS-2910Camera Used - Nikon D850We woke up around 1am to shoot a time lapse video of the Milky Way rising over our truck camper. We planned this shot and camped out in the middle of nowhere in Utah and waited for a clear night to shoot it. It's a long exposure to capture all of the details of the Milky Way and the details of the truck and camper as well.

#052 - Matt Breiter

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#053 - Sarah TrybulaKings Canyon National Park, California2020 Ram 35002021 Palomino HS-2910Camera Used - Nikon D850Matt and I went out to hike a seven-mile trail in Kings Canyon National Park. After we finished the hike we took the skinny one lane road away from the trailhead. We were surrounded by giant Sequoia trees on each side of us. We stopped the truck since nobody else was in the area and photographed it to show the scale of the trees around it.

#053 - Sarah Trybula

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Poison Creek Campground, Donnely, Idaho

#077 - Colton Ziegler

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#096 - Jason YuMammoth Lakes, California2020 Ram 3500 2015 Eagle Cap 850Camera Used - iPhone 11 Pro MaxThe photo was taken in Mammoth Lakes, California. It is a local mountain that my wife and I snowboard pretty regularly. We actually camped at a campground just because the owner plowed the snow throughout the day. It was the biggest snow fall of the season, so we could not miss out! The photo was taken on the first night of the storm.  The storm lasted for about 2-3 days. It was our first experience in such a big storm, and it was a great way to test out how the camper does in very cold weather and also how handles.

#096 - Jason Yu

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#100 - Mike TumchewicsLake Koocanusa, British Columbia2020 Ford F-3502021 Cirrus 820Camera Used - Nikon D850Living in British Columbia, we enjoy accessing the numerous BC recreational sites throughout the province found along both active and inactive forestry logging roads. These are user maintained camp sites, often free of charge, usually with a picnic table and fire ring but without amenities such as power, water, or waste disposal.  This particular site along the shore of Lake Koocanusa (near the border of BC and Montana) is even more rustic (no amenities at all) and is classified as an

#100 - Mike Tumchewics

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#112 - Kolin SmithVirginia City, Montana2019 Ram 15002021 Palomino SS-1251Camera Used - iPhone 8 PlusWe decided to visit the historical Virginia City ghost town of Montana, home of the Montana Vigilantes 3-7-77 and Gold Rush of 1863. We decided to venture off the highway and explore Alder Gulch which was the location of the Gold Rush itself.  Today it can only be traveled via 4x4 truck over 20 miles into the Montana Wilderness.

#112 - Kolin Smith

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#160 - Terrill GrahamFishlake National Forest, Utah2019 Toyota Tundra2016 Four Wheel Camper Swift ShellCamera Used - PhoneSome may say that I’m the quiet one, the one who thinks before he speaks, the one who avoids long deep conversations and oftentimes the one who likes being alone. These people are 100% correct. I love nothing more than being out in nature with room and time to think. It is during times like these that I feel the strongest connection with myself and the world. This photo of me watching the sunset in Fishlake National Forest atop a mountain is the perfect pictorial representation of who I am. Just a silhouette off in the distance, looking and thinking.

#160 - Terrill Graham

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#197 - Court LeveHurricane, Utah with Zion National Park in the background2014 GMC 35002014 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - Nikon Z6I went on a solo 2 month bike trip in the height of Covid. I needed to get away from it all. The trip is one I will never forget. It was just me and the dog. At times, I'd go days without even seeing another person.  It was wonderful. The trip turned into a major bike mission. I rode 56 out of 60 days, covered 1,200+ miles and over 120,000 vertical feet. It will be hard to duplicate the experience.

#197 - Court Leve

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#212 - Guðbjörn MargeirssonGeitfell, Borgarfjörður, IcelandGMC Sierra 35001997-ish 10' Alaskan camperCamera Used - Samsung xcover pro phoneThis beautiful mountain is located close to the route from Borgarfjörður eystri to Brúnavík on the east coast Iceland.

#212 - Guðbjörn Margeirsson

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#213 - Arden TomsTrout Pond, Maine2009 Dodge Power Wagon2007 Four Wheel Camper Hawk ShellCamera Used - LG SmartphoneI was fly fishing on Trout Pond listening to thunder on Mt Katahdin a few miles way while watching the clouds glow from the setting sun.

#213 - Arden Toms

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#245 - Tanner WattsRimrock Lake, Washington State2015 Ford F3502020 Arctic Fox 990 LECamera Used - Canon EOS M50We headed back from our trip to Rimrock Lake, passing over White Pass Scenic Byway.

#245 - Tanner Watts

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#299 - Scott ZeitlerSouthern Utah2015 Ram 25002019 Hallmark Guanella/K2Camera Used - Sony A9This photo is from one of my favorite spots on the north side of Lake Powell.

#299 - Scott Zeitler

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#351 - Ron ChandlerAmerican Basin off Cinnamon Pass Road, Colorado2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel2012 Phoenix PopupCamera Used - Nikon D750This was one of our favorite overnight spots to disperse camp as we explored the Colorado Rockies near Silverton, Colorado. Cinnamon Pass had just recently opened for the summer and we were excited to take our new rig exploring the backcountry. The San Juan Alpine sunrise was spectacular as always.

#351 - Ron Chandler

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#355 - Kadin OlsonPackwood, Washington2014 Ford F3502020 Arctic Fox 990Camera Used - iPhone 8 PlusMy wife and I went nomad to ring in the New Year of 2021 when we came across this spot just outside of Packwood, WA. It was off the beaten path on a road covered with snow and became the perfect place to boon dock with our dogs and celebrate the end of 2020 and start fresh with 2021.

#355 - Kadin Olson

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#384 - Jonathan WilliamsKananaskis Provincial Park, Alberta2014 Ford F-5502021 Arctic Fox 1150Camera Used - Nikon Z7My fiancé and I just finished our 3rd iteration of our truck camper set up.  After a spring and summer that was turned upside down due to myself needing surgery, our plans were pushed almost 6 months.  Two months after my surgery I was given the green light to travel short distance and this allowed us to finally get started with our trip! We took a one month trip to work out all the kinks with our custom flat deck and solar system, which there were many! We spent the majority of our time in the Kananaskis and Canmore area to keep travel to a minimum and really enjoy the area as it is one of the most beautiful in Canada. We are now moving to full time living for the winter!

#384 - Jonathan Williams

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#391 - Benjamin MacKinneyLewis, VT2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD1994 Jayco Sportster 7Camera Used - PhoneMy wife, our 2 year old, and our black lab were boondocking in the NEK. We camped on public land and used the truck camper as a base camp for bird hunting and rabbit hunting.

#391 - Benjamin MacKinney

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#395 - Gillian HolwerdaHeart's Content, Newfoundland, Canada2003 GMC Sierra 35001996 Bigfoot 25C96BCamera Used - Panasonic Lumix G7 with an Olympus lens.My husband and I purchased our 1996 Bigfoot camper, which we lovingly call

#395 - Gillian Holwerda

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#401 - Scott GregsonPahrump, NV2018 RAM 35002019 NuCamp Cirrus 920Camera Used - Drone DJI Mavic 2 ProThis boondock spot is near Pahrump, NV. It’s one of our favorite spots so far! We were miles and miles away from anyone else, down a long dirt road, with some amazing scenery. All while having excellent cell service.

#401 - Scott Gregson

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#408 - Nolan SturgeonCrosby Canyon, Utah2001 Ford F3502015 Wolf Creek 850Camera Used - iPhone

#408 - Nolan Sturgeon

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#410 - Julia TruverCC Gideon Tunnel, Hwy 16A Iron Mountain Rd, Keystone, SD2012 Ford F3502018 Capri RetreatCamera Used - iPhone 12 max ProThis road is not suitable for most campers because of the height limit 10’9”.  We were basically the only camper we saw on this road.  I got out and my husband, Mike, drove through while I took the photo.

#410 - Julia Truver

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#435 - Derek HansenTurnagain Arm, Alaska2002 Ford F3502004 Lance 1010Camera Used - Nikon D7200The Seward Highway from Anchorage to Seward has some incredible scenery, especially along Turnagain Arm. It is not uncommon to see eagles, moose, Dall sheep, and beluga whales, along with the occasional bore tide sweeping up the Arm with some hardy souls surfing it. I especially enjoy hiking the many trails along the Arm on autumn evenings, when the setting sun makes the fall foliage glow. I parked at a random pullout along the highway on once such evening to look for a geocache and decided to climb the cliff across the road for this sunset shot with my camper rig.

#435 - Derek Hansen

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#476 - Bonita TuckerPatricia, Alberta2019 Ford F3502020 Northern Lite 9-6Camera Used - Canon 7D Mark llPatricia, Alberta is a tiny hamlet that tourists pass through on their way to Dinosaur Provincial Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site. We stopped on the way to the park and got a photo of the dinosaur that had been put up by the Patricia Agricultural Society, but, later that night after watching the stars fill the sky in the Badlands, I was lying in the camper and I thought,

#476 - Bonita Tucker

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#491 - James McCoyNear Kodachrome Basin Utah2003 Dodge Ram 25001991 Hallmark LaVetaCamera Used - Canon EOSx Rebel 7Traveling dark sky back country to observe and photo the 2020 Christmas Star (conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter).  This night exposure captured the moon and stars, while perched above Kodachrome Basin, after the

#491 - James McCoy



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